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Synergy Showcases Passion, Talent at 15th Anniversary Celebration

Synergy’s 15th Anniversary show, All Aboard Syn Express, featured an impressive array of talent, passion, and solidarity. The whole performance was colorful and energetic, including costume changes and guest appearances.

While most parts of the show were fast-paced and incorporated typical hip-hop moves, some of the night’s best moments occured during slower songs and collaborations. Dance Organization of Boston College (DOBC), Boston College Dance Ensemble (BCDE), Fuego Del Corazón, and Females Incorporating Sisterhood Through Step (F.I.S.T.S.) all made appearances, often performing their own set and then joining Synergy for one of theirs. The coordination among the teams was truly spectacular, as it was clear everyone had to go out of their comfort zone to try a new style of dance.

The clear sense of teamwork and community between the teams was fantastic to see. Synergy was even able to poke fun at the other teams with some light-hearted jokes — at one point between dances, during a short skit, one Synergy member exclaimed, “It could be worse, we could be in those DOBC bodysuits!”

It’s obvious that Synergy is on a hunt to defend its 2018 Showdown title—and while the competition is fierce, the hip-hop group has had its share of iconic dances throughout the years. At one point in the show, the group recreated some of its favorite and popular dances to remind the audience of its skill.

Since it was the anniversary show, about 20 Synergy alumni also performed a a number that the current team had never seen before. It was evident that the alumni were so excited to be back on the Robsham stage and are still passionate about Synergy and dance as a whole.

Since the show had a train theme, between each set a few members performed a short skit hinting at what would come next, which tied the songs together nicely. Before Fuego Del Corazón performed, it pretended the train was on “fuego” and proceeded to stop, drop, and roll, evoking chuckles from the audience. The collaboration with the popular Latin dance group included some hip-hop styles, as well as a fair amount of more traditional hispanic moves.

Cheers erupted throughout the audience when the group performed a collaboration with F.I.S.T.S titled “female power,” which included dances to “God is a Woman,” “Future is Female,” and “BBO.”

Synergy is on track to have another successful year, and with emphasis on collaboration and teamwork with other teams, the group is a great example for all others to follow.

Featured Image by Celine Lim / Heights Editor

January 27, 2019