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Top 10 Things to Eat with BC Dining

Ah, the first month of school. When that Boston College meal plan money is at its peak. I’m sure a lot of you are wondering, how, oh how, will I ever spend it all? I have the perfect solution for you. Besides buying your meal plan-less friends lunch or dinner, here’s a list of the must-eats on campus: 

  1. Chocolate chip cookie from the Chocolate Bar: THIS. The best cookie on campus, despite the fact that it has shrunk in size since last year, it remains strong in its flavor and ability to make one forget about life’s worries. 
  2. Salmon from Mac: Honestly I ate this every time it was available, almost daily, my first semester at BC. It’s simple, healthy, and you get two sides to go along with it. Also, I really love salmon. But, a word of advice, if it has some type of mango salsa on it, ditch the mango salsa. The mango salsa is traumatizing. 
  3. Flatbread from Addie’s: Nothing like eating a barbeque chicken flatbread on a Sunday evening while doing all the homework you spent days procrastinating. It’s crispy, cheesy, and has chicken, so you can convince yourself it’s somewhat healthy. I also really like the tomato mozzarella flatbread. You can’t go wrong with a flatbread, unless you’re counting calories. Then just stick with the aforementioned salmon. 
  4. Mac and cheese from CoRo Cafe: This is honestly so iconic I’m not sure why it does not get more attention. Campus’ best mac and cheese dish, it’s crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside on the outside from being baked in a pizza oven. What’s more, you can add any pizza toppings to it—perfect for the rainy gloomy days that are coming up. 
  5. Hillside: I just really love Hillside. Their paninis and sandwiches are pretty bomb, as are the chips they serve with them. Personally, I really like the Meditteranean hummus sandwich. 
  6. Bagel, egg, and cheese in the morning: I love a good bowl of oatmeal or a plate of Arab Shakshuka for breakfast. That said, a good alternative is a bagel, egg, and cheese from BC Dining. Simple, protein-rich, and honestly, it’s really hard to mess up a bagel. BC Dining definitely does not. 
  7. Eggplant parmesan: This one is for all of you freshmen reading. If you’re on Upper, make sure to try Mac’s eggplant parmesan—it’s vegetarian and delicious and can be described as “fresh.”
  8. Portobello burger: This one is for all my fellow vegetarians. No more feeling left out when all your carnivorous friends consume their beefy burgers. BC Dining has a solution for you. So delicious you’ll forget burgers were not originally plant-based. Bonus: you can even add cheese.
  9. Passion fruit guava juice: Before you go to pour your daily cup of orange juice, stop. Don’t settle for orange juice. You can do better than that. Go ahead and fill your cup up with some passion fruit guava juice. I promise, you will not regret it. Perhaps the best drink on campus. It’s sweet and tangy, bursting with fruity flavors that keep you feeling light and refreshed throughout your day. 
  10. Sandwiches from Stuart: Panini press any type of sandwich you want for lunch at Stu! Nothing better than that! Cheesy and warm… all of the most important qualities in a sandwich. 
  11. Tender toss: You may think you have bad luck for ending up on Newton Campus, but you know what the kids on Upper don’t get that you do? Late night at Stu, arguably the best late night on BC’s campus. Make sure to try out their “Tender Toss.”  Chicken tenders or chicken wings are thrown into a bowl with your choice of buffalo, barbeque, or teriyaki sauce, mixed together and served to you. 
September 8, 2019