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FINNEAS, Maroon 5, and More Release New Singles

“I Don’t Miss You At All” – FINNEAS

“I Don’t Miss You At All” is the newest single release from FINNEAS, an artist most well-known for his role as a co-writer and co-producer of music released by his younger sister, Billie Eilish. FINNEAS, however, isn’t simply a puppeteer behind his sister’s sudden rise to teen pop stardom—he is a stellar artist in his own right. 

“I Don’t Miss You At All” opens with driving synth chords, swiftly building up to a sudden silence where FINNEAS’ steady voice jumps in. The syncopated beat is brought back in, and it gives the song a slick pop feel. The music swells and becomes more chaotic throughout the song, but it is reigned back in at the end with a simple melody.

FINNEAS contrasts this sound with satirical and heartbreaking lyrics. He sings, “And I’m sleeping fine / I don’t mean to boast / But I only dream about you / Once or twice a night at most / And it feels so good / Eating alone / I don’t get distracted by your smile / And miss the green lights drivin’ home.” In this way, the sound of the song itself reflects the lyrics (and FINNEAS’ brilliance). With this track, FINNEAS encapsulates our human desire to cover up sadness and convince others that we don’t miss happiness at all. 

“Memories” – Maroon 5

With soft guitar, subtle audience cheers, and wholesome harmonies, Maroon 5’s new single is packed with longing and sentimentality. Following the band’s last hit, “Girls Like You (feat. Cardi B)” in 2018, “Memories” pivots away from the overdone Top 40 elements that have been the group’s bread and butter for the past few years. It feels sincere and genuine, and it is a refreshing indicator of what we could expect from their upcoming seventh album. “Memories” is certainly an emblematic album for a band that has had its share of memories since its first release in 2002. 

“Stack It Up (feat. A Boogie Wit da Hoodie)” – Liam Payne

Former One Direction member Liam Payne released “Stack It Up (feat. A Boogie Wit da Hoodie)” this week, with cliché lyrics about working hard and following your dreams laid on top of unoriginal pop beats. The song reportedly samples Selena Gomez’s “Same Old Love” and was written by Ed Sheeran. Unfortunately, the single feels contrived and predictable. A Boogie Wit da Hoodie’s verse is the bright spot on the track, but it’s not enough to redeem it.

Featured Image by FINNEAS

September 22, 2019