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CAB Hosts TikTok Challenge with “e-boy” Prizes

Students rolled around and stomped on the grass outside of Carney Hall to “Mrs. Officer” by Lil Wayne and “Did Too Much” by LLusion in the hopes of winning the Campus Activities Board’s TikTok challenge on Monday night. In pursuit of “e-boy”-themed prizes, four groups of participants were given 20 minutes to make four TikToks.

The groups were required to make TikToks using “Mrs. Officer,” “Did Too Much,” and the “I am actually president of the company” Undercover Boss sound by TikTok user itspatman. For the fourth video, teams could use a song or sound of their choice. The TikToks were then judged by two members of CAB.

Ashley Sachdeva, MCAS ʼ20 and Margaret Keithline, director of campus engagement for CAB and MCAS ʼ20, came in first place. Sachdeva chose a black hoodie with “Ok Boomer” printed in the style of the TikTok logo as her prize. The other prizes included clout goggles, chains, and the book How to Become Famous on TikTok by Nina Ullman. 

“I love TikTok,” said Sachdeva. “I think it’s so fun. It takes up so much time.” 

Sachdeva said that one of her favorite TikTok trends is when people distort their bodies to spell out the word “love” to the Michael Bublé cover of the song “L-O-V-E” by Nat King Cole. 

“I love when people remake that because it’s so stupid,” Sachdeva said. 

Anna Ferron, MCAS ʼ20, and Gabrielle Silberman, Lynch ʼ20, comprised another one of the participating teams. They attended the competition, they said, in hopes of winning a prize and thought that it would be a fun alternative to studying. Silberman said that her and Ferron’s favorite TikTok that they filmed was inspired by their lack of meal plan money.

“We did ‘when you don’t have a meal plan and you need that Mac dinner,’” Silberman said. “And so it was us, dancing inappropriately to try and get a freshman to buy us food.”

Other Boston College-inspired TikToks created during the competition featured a student playing University President Rev. William P. Leahy, S.J., standing in front of the LGBTQ+ bulletin board on the second floor of McElroy Commons, lip syncing to the lyric “Feel like I did too much” from the song “No Idea” by Don Toliver. Both Sachdeva and Keithline and Silberman and Ferron made TikToks suggesting Leahy is angered by students stepping on the grass on campus. Keithline stomped on the grass, Sachdeva rolled around on it, and Silberman rubbed it with her hands.

“A lot of us have been getting into TikTok recently, and I know it’s a little bit shameful at first to be on it, but it’s just so fun and enjoyable. So we thought this would be a fun way to bring students together and make some good wholesome TikTok content,” said Keithline.

Featured Image by Maggie DiPatri / Heights Editor

February 26, 2020