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Selena Gomez’s ‘Revelacion’ Leans Into Spanish Pop


Selena Gomez’s first full-length Spanish EP, Revelación, is a testament to her versatility and poise as an artist. Gomez’s seductive tone and smooth voice are even more pronounced when she sings in Spanish, as each lyric and note seem to effortlessly glide from her mouth. Her remarkable vocal control is evident in the ease with which she sings in Spanish, seamlessly making the transition to Spanish lyrics despite its faster pace.

Each of the seven songs on the EP, which was released on Friday, channel a calming and intimate sound that makes it feel as though Gomez is singing directly to the listener. “De Una Vez,” in particular, features a gentler melody compared to her other fast-paced, dance-anthem beats. Collaborations with Rauw Alejandro, Myke Towers, and DJ Snake add even more flavor to the album.

An underlying beat, a dembow beat, is present in almost all of the songs on the EP and creates a summertime feeling and an infectious desire to dance and enjoy life. The dembow beat is most present in “Buscando Amor,” “Dámelo To’,” “Vicio,” and “Adiós.” “Buscando Amor” and “Adiós” also showcase Gomez’s impressive range and vocal control, demonstrating the dexterity of her voice. 

The final song, “Selfish Love,” is the only bilingual track on the EP. It is reminiscent of the pop roots Gomez is famous for, sounding somewhat like her earlier songs “Hands To Myself” and “Same Old Love.” “Selfish Love” is the kind of song that makes the listener want to get up and dance with its beat and joyful sound as Gomez sings, “All this time and we got that selfish love / I like makin’ you jealous.”

The lyrics of Revelación emphasize breaking free of an old lover and enjoying life without being tied down to a feeling or a person. “De Una Vez” is a manifestation of quiet power, with Gomez singing, “De una vez por todas / Soy más fuerte sola / Y es que no me arrepiento del pasado / Sé que el tiempo a tu lado / Cortó mis alas / Pero ahora este pecho es antibalas (Once and for all / I’m stronger alone / And I do not regret the past / I know that the time by your side / Cut my wings / But now this chest is bulletproof).” 

This beautiful chorus is Gomez reclaiming her life and embracing her growth from the heartache she’s overcome. As stated in the lyrics, Gomez knows she’s stronger for it. Throughout the rest of the EP, Gomez sings of desire and having a good time without being tied to expectations of love and commitment.

Her newfound views on love and freedom are evident on “Buscando Amor,” when she sings, “Que no le hablen de amor que eso con ella no va (Don’t talk to her about love, that’s not going to fly).” On this track, Gomez showcasing her desire to have fun without thinking about the pain and heartache that love can bring. 

“Adiós” is a final kiss goodbye to the lover who hurt Gomez. She makes it clear that she has already said goodbye and moved on as she sings, “Esto no es personal, no hay nada que explicar, adiós (This isn’t personal, there’s nothing to explain, bye).”

Revelación offers easy listening music with powerful lyrics that prove Gomez’s skill and scope as an artist. As Spanish music increases in popularity within the music industry, Gomez explores an image beyond her identity as an American pop artist as she steps onto the scene.

Photo Courtesy of Interscope Records

March 14, 2021