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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: Week Of April 26

Thumbs Up: 

  • Earth Day
    • Thursday was the 51st annual Earth Day since 1970. President Joe Biden hosted the Leaders Summit on Climate on Thursday and Friday in order to discuss the urgency and benefits of strong climate action. We only have one Earth—there is no planet B—so taking action and taking care are huge thumbs up. 
  • Camp Kesem Fundraiser
    • Last Friday, Camp Kesem at Chestnut Hill hosted a fundraiser with Krispy Kreme donuts. Students were encouraged to donate 10 dollars for a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts, which they picked up on Lower for a Friday afternoon snack that supports a great cause. 

Thumbs Down: 

  • Against the Wind
    • The Chestnut Hill weather last week was a wild card. BC was served a hefty helping of high winds that did absolutely no good, only aggravating allergies and making walks across campus feel like moving in place. 
  • Losing An Eagle ID
    • It might seem obvious, but losing (or misplacing) an Eagle ID is a right of passage that all BC students experience at some point. Whether it’s simply forgetting it in the dorm or losing it mid Spikeball game, the inconvenience is one that every student is familiar with. 
April 25, 2021

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