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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: Week of Feb. 5

Thumbs Up:

  • Boston College, You Are My Sunshine
    • Despite freezing temperatures, Boston’s gray skies are gone—and the sun is shining over Gasson once again. Sure, it’s not quite warm enough to go on a picnic or take a leisurely stroll through the Quad, but there’s something nice about feeling the sun on your face as you walk from class to class. And if you don’t like to wake up with the sun, then perhaps the resurgence of colorful sunset pics from the Res will bring you joy. Our campus is always beautiful, but there’s nothing quite like seeing it lit up and radiant. So put on a smile and let the sun warm your heart on these otherwise icy days.
  • February, Worst Month of the Year, Is That Much Shorter
    • February might be the worst month of the year. The height of winter, the middle of the school year, and the holder of perhaps the most controversial holiday (Valentine’s Day), February is simply not the best. But the good news? It’s also the shortest month of the year. And thanks to the absence of leap year in 2023, it just got even shorter! So for the next three weeks, let’s put on our best fake it till you make it smile, give our friends an extra tight squeeze, and look forward to the glimmer of hope that is March 1.

Thumbs Down:

  • Wind, Chill, Go Away
    • The New England winter became intense this weekend with the arrival of negative temperatures and winds that would not quit. After BC’s several cold weather warnings, students were far from happy to trudge to their 9 a.m. classes on Friday morning. It was too cold to snow or even to allow for a contented deep breath. And as if the addition of 10 layers to our wardrobes wasn’t enough, burst pipes swept through campus. Now, with the arctic blast in the past, we have never appreciated 40-degree weather more—but we have our mittens and hats ready for the next time the wind starts up again.
  • Crash, Bang, the Market’s Down
    • The metaphorical stock market of the BC business world came crashing down with the return of CSOM’s infamous Bank Week. With spiffy tailored suits flooding onto campus, BC’s business students put on their best faces for a series of networking events last week. But, alongside their crisp new fits, CSOM students had to endure waves of internship stress on top of their heaping platters of schoolwork. Now that it’s over, we can all breathe easy in our favorite pair of jeans.
February 5, 2023