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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: Week Of Nov. 1

Thumbs Up

  • Jazz in the Background:
    • Midterm weeks pitch a wicked curveball to the Spotify algorithm. Unfortunately, when it’s crunch time, “INDUSTRY BABY” simply won’t cut it. Many claim that classical music is the way to go, but it cannot replicate the improvisation of gentle and upbeat instrumentals that jazz captures
  • Dressing up for Halloween:
    • Far too often people back out of genius Halloween costume ideas out of fear of others either “not getting the costume” or just plain old embarrassment. Nonsense. Halloween, much like Marathon Monday, is a judgment-free holiday. Take advantage of the fact that middle school is over, and if you want to go around dressed as a wizard and take pictures inside of Bapst, as two legendary students did last year, then do it! Wear a paper bag for all anyone else cares, but wear it with pride. Carpe diem. 

Thumbs Down 

  • Umbrellas:
    • This is a controversial one, especially given the torrential rains Boston has been subjected to for the last few days. But, umbrellas can be summed up in one word: liabilities. This week, too many students and faculty have fallen victim to the fruitless crusade of attempting to wrestle open their umbrellas while proceeding to get just as soaked as if they had just borne the storm. Once an umbrella does enter a mode of semi-usefulness, many betray their owners by flipping inside out and threatening to recreate Disney’s Soarin’. 
  • Laundry:
    • If the process of washing and drying one’s clothes at Boston College was a litmus test for human nature, Jean-Jacques Rousseau would be appalled. Somehow the rigid schedules and punctuality that most BC students worship dissipate upon entering the laundry room. Clothes are left in washers and dryers for hours if not whole days, filling up limited spots and developing interesting smells. At this point, it would probably be faster to drag a laundry basket to the Res, throw a tide pod in, and hope the geese don’t steal your clothes. 
October 31, 2021