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Peach Pit Album Captures the Dreamy Simplicity of Summer


As the summer swiftly approaches, many will soon find themselves looking for the ideal album to play during splendid days spent under the sun. Peach Pit has created just that, releasing another remarkably introspective album, From 2 to 3, on March 4. 

Recognized for its echoed acoustics and soft-spoken vocals, Peach Pit’s songs sound easygoing but earnest. There is almost a slightly beachy feel to the band’s instrumentals, and this album makes the wondrous feeling of summer feel eternal. It is the kind of album that is in its fullest glory if its tunes were accompanied by the picturesque sight of the golden sun setting over the shore as the distant tides slowly roll in. 

Neil Smith and guitarist Christopher Vanderkooy formed the indie pop band in 2014 while they were still in high school. Bassist Peter Wilton and drummer Mikey Pascuzzi joined soon after. Since the release of its two previous albums, Being So Normal and You and Your Friends, Peach Pit has developed a devoted group of followers who consume the feelings of nostalgia that its songs inspire. 

The first song on the album, “Up Granville,” perfectly embodies the band’s dreamy quality. The tune is named after the street in Vancouver that is home to the Commodore Ballroom, the venue where Peach Pit will play three shows at the end of April as part of its North American and European tour. The tour will also take the band to Boston on April 1, where it will perform at Big Night Live. 

“Look Out!” takes a folksy turn with a blend of acoustic guitar strums and harmonica hums. Its lyrics encourage listeners to look out onto the world and recognize the hidden value in the ordinary moments of everyday life. 

“Wading my way through this neighborhood / It’s all just my ordinary passing / Today I take it in,” Smith sings.  

The song “2015” has a particularly reflective element to it as it looks back on the splendor of being in love.

“Without you, there’d be no color / There’d be no sound / All the memories that I have are days / You’re around,” Smith sings. 

Peach Pit’s honest lyrics tell a story that gives the album a sincere quality and evokes a sense of wistfulness when listening. 

“Lips Like Yours” and “Pepsi on the House” take on a more upbeat sound with their prominent guitar backings. These lighter tracks bring a lively and more optimistic element to the album that is heavily emotional at times. 

Peach Pit concludes its 11-track treasure with the title song “From 2 to 3,” encompassing the melancholic feelings that build throughout the album. The album would be perfect to listen to as you are cramming in the library—especially around 2 or 3 a.m. 

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March 27, 2022