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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: Week of Oct. 2

Thumbs Up:
  • Dogs at Family Weekend
    • There’s no question that reuniting with parents and siblings during Family Weekend is one of the best feelings of fall semester. Still, the added furry friends that families bring to campus bring the smiles and wholesomeness of the entire Boston College community up a notch. Dogs wagging their tails and cozying up in BC sweaters at tailgates provide anxiety-reducing joy that makes us think that maybe, just maybe, we should start normalizing all pets coming to all weekends, all the time.
  • Flannels
    • Flannels are the perfect clothing article for anyone in the mood for cozy, autumnal vibes. The flannel is the chameleon of layers—versatile for any person, style, or event. When wearing a flannel, you can be seamlessly dressed up or dressed down (see what we did there?). Plus, spotting flannels on campus is an exciting sign that it’s time for pumpkin spices, apple picking, and turning leaves. That alone leaves us feeling warm and fuzzy inside.
Thumbs Down:
  • Laundry Room Floors
    • Like the arid hills of the Mojave Desert, the space between the washing machines and dryers in BC laundry rooms is a cold, desolate land—only suitable for the bravest of soldiers. Instead of tumbleweeds and scorpions, these cursed grounds are entrenched with questionable lint and old socks left behind by torn and forgotten souls. It takes laser focus and unquestionable zeal to transfer your laundry between cycles without anything hitting the ground. In the case something does descend to this sticky surface, take a deep breath, and assess your loyalty to the tainted article of clothing.
  • Hash Browns Instead of Breakfast Potatoes
    • When you mentally associate BC Dining with morning starchy vegetables, what do you picture? Breakfast potatoes? Likely answer. Hash browns? Maybe not. We’re not trying to bash the hash at all—hash browns are timeless partners in crime to scrambled eggs and bacon when early hunger strikes—but it is unfair to replace the beloved BC breakfast potatoes with their rectangular rivals. If you like hash browns more than breakfast potatoes, you’re definitely in the minority. That said, we won’t judge whatever floats your boat. Well, maybe a little bit.
October 2, 2022