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The Annual AXIS Showcase Celebrates Dance and Culture For Charity

Hip-Hop, Latin, and Bollywood-fusion dance came together for the AXIS Dance Showcase on Friday. 

Students flooded The Heights Room in Corcoran Commons to see their favorite Boston College dance groups show off their talent with traditional and contemporary cultural routines at the event. 

BC’s South East Asian Student Association (SEASA) collaborated with AerodynamiK (AeroK) to put on the annual showcase. All the profits from the event will be used to help support displaced Burmese refugees. 

The showcase provided its audience with a mix of unique dance forms and promoted appreciation for various cultural elements among the BC community. 

The night kicked off with select members of Phaymus Dance Entertainment dancing to B.o.B’s “Headband” before the rest of the members joined in during a transition to “Hot Shit” by Cardi B. The immaculate stage formations cultivated an enthusiastic response from the audience. 

Fuego del Corazon followed with a performance displaying Latin tradition. Male dancers twirled their partners—dressed in blue bejeweled costumes—in a sensual routine to “Inocente” by Romeo Santos. The orange lighting illuminated the fast-paced choreography to “Icon” by Jaden, where dancers effortlessly placed their partners on their shoulders. 

Members of BC On Tap wore strawberry-patterned shirts and perfectly matched each other’s rhythmic taps to “Music for a Sushi Restaurant” by Harry Styles. 

Following the tap performance, 2022 ALC Showdown winner BC Dance Ensemble shook up the crowd with Nelly’s “Hot in Herre.” The dancers picked up the pace of the show with a synchronized number blended with standout solo moments.

Decked out in black bombers and cargo pants, members of AeroK stepped onto stage with arms crossed and serious facial expressions before exploding into a powerful routine to “Plain Jane” by A$AP Ferg. 

The crowd burst into applause as the music transitioned to The Weeknd’s “Starboy.” The dancers mimicked the tempo and thrill of the song while moving in unison across the stage. 

BC Irish Dance kicked off the second half of the show—literally. The force of tap shoes hitting the dance floor evolved into intense heel stomps before Whitney Houston’s, “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” pulled the dancers into a circle of uniform footwork.

Vida de Intensa Pasión  was next to shake the stage, performing a passionate Latin dance to “Quimbara” by Celia Cruz. Male members spun their sparkly partners and fluidly transitioned from slow and sensual to the high-energy beat of “HOT” by Daddy Yankee. 

BC Full Swing took to the stage with flashy ’60s choreography to The Magic School Bus theme song.

Bollywood fusion dance group Masti energized the stage with modern South Asian dance routines. The dancers used effortless hand and facial expressions with a fluid blend of body movements to tell a story through dancing. 

Synergy Hip Hop Dance Company lit up the stage with a routine to the Dizzee Rascal mix of “Get Low” by Lil Jon. The smooth movements boosted the energy of the show, building up to Britney Spears’ “Toxic.” 

Sexual Chocolate closed the show, garnering screams for its vibrant clapping and chants on stage. The all-male step team encompassed the folk nature of step dancing through shouts and complex synchronized movement in between Chris Brown’s “Iffy” and “Me like Yuh” by Jay Park. 

November 13, 2022