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Leaf: Breaking Down the Red Carpet Looks From the Grammys’ Big Winners

The red carpet at the 2023 Grammy Awards was full of unique and extravagant outfits. On music’s biggest night of the year, some stars came studded in their most over-the-top outfits, while others opted for a more subtle look. Overall, the outfits of this year’s winners were representative of each artist’s personal and musical style.

Here is a breakdown of the outfits of the winners in the four biggest categories—Album of the Year, Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best New Artist. 

Harry Styles

Harry Styles, who won Album of the Year for Harry’s House, walked down the red carpet in an Egonlab jumpsuit covered in Swarovski crystals, reflecting his flair. Egonlab is an emerging French clothing brand with a focus on the juxtaposition between masculine and feminine styles, which reflects Styles’ own personal style. 


(Featured Image Courtesy of Page Six)

Styles’ daring outfit is reminiscent of his style during Love on Tour, where jumpsuits became his signature look. The pattern on Styles’ red carpet jumpsuit consists of multi-colored harlequin diamonds. The pattern complements his radiant and funky music. Similar to last year’s well-received Grammys outfits, Styles displayed his tattoos on his chest and arms with this low-neckline jumpsuit. He finished off the look with his iconic gold rings and necklaces, as well as polished simple white boots. The boots were, for the most part, covered by the flared out legs of his jumpsuit, but the white complimented the fabric’s busy pattern nicely.

As expected, Styles’ outfit pushed back and challenged the boundaries of gendered clothing. Although some respond negatively to his style, I find it inspiring and brave that as time passes, Styles continues to become more confident in his looks. 


Lizzo won Record of the Year for her song “About Damn Time,” and her breathtaking initial red carpet look was an embodiment of the elaborate unafraid nature of her music. She was decked out in a monochrome orange Dolce & Gabbana outfit with a show-stopping deep orange cape decorated by flowers. The cape captured her fiery attitude and the bold nature of her music, but the details are what completed the look. The single flower in her hair, floral accents on her nails, dramatic orange eyeshadow, orange mesh detached sleeves, chunky diamond rings, and single spit curl on her forehead completed this breathtaking look. 

(Featured Image Courtesy of Naija News)

Her look was a masterpiece, but the outfit showing underneath her extravagant cape was disappointing and lacked the same excitement as her outer covering. Lizzo wore a lighter orange set with a mesh long, flowy skirt and a matching corset top with diamond straps under her show stopping cape. Overall, before revealing the orange set under the cape, Lizzo’s outfit was daring and eye-catching, standing out on the red carpet in the best way.

Bonnie Raitt

Seventy-three-year-old American blues singer, guitarist, and songwriter Bonnie Raitt took home this year’s “Song of the Year” Grammy award in an elegant but mundane outfit. Raitt wore black pants that slightly flared out over her black high-heeled boots. A navy blue leopard printed blazer accented her outfit, but the print failed to add any excitement to her unimpressive look. Her sparkling silver necklace—which disappeared into her deep v-neck blazer—was a nice touch, but only added to the simple theme of her look. 

Raitt’s hair styling was where she took the most risks. Raitt wore her dark auburn hair in large, loose curls with her one grayish-white streak adding a pop of contrast in the front of her head. But red carpet award shows like the Grammys are about taking risks and wearing glamorous outfits, and overall, Raitt did not take advantage of this moment. 

(Featured Image Courtesy of UPROXX)

Raitt has always been known to wear similar outfits on the Grammys red carpet, but I do wish that she had ventured outside of her comfort zone for this year’s Grammys. After 13 Grammy wins and 30 nominations, I would have loved to see Raitt make a lasting impression with her look this year.

Samara Joy

Jazz singer Samara Joy, who won Best New Artist, made a statement on the red carpet with her custom bright red leather gown and stunning up-do. Black-owned fashion designer Laurence Basse created the stunning outfit. 

“LEATHER IS MY SPECIALTY,” Basse wrote in her Instagram bio

(Featured Image Courtesy of Billboard)

The craft of Joy’s dress lives up to Basse’s statement. The long-sleeved, red, floor-length leather gown with a slight trail certainly helped Joy leave a striking impression at her first Grammy Awards. Alexander Armand styled Joy’s hair in a sophisticated large bun. Her Laruicci crystal earrings and gold necklace were complemented by gold eyeshadow and nail polish. These delicate accessories and details didn’t take away from Joy’s outfit, but instead united the look. Joy’s look would have been improved with slightly more exciting jewelry because her dress was simple, with no pattern to liven it up. A larger necklace, possibly with a crystal to match her earrings, would have taken her outfit to the next level.

February 12, 2023