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Escape Campus for a Day: Trips Outside of Boston

As a college student residing in a mainly suburban area, feeling stuck in the campus bubble is inevitable. And a quick trip to Newbury Street or a stroll alongside the Charles River may not provide enough of an escape anymore. Fortunately, there are many affordable and fun day trips you can take on the weekends to places near Boston. Here are some spots you can drop by for a breath of fresh air during the last few weeks of the semester. 

Cape Cod

If you’re looking for a scenic day trip, the seaside towns of Cape Cod are perfect for you. Just an hour and a half away from Boston, the Cape is an amazing getaway destination with stunning beaches, historic sites, and plentiful spots to lounge and relax. You could spend the day driving down the coastlines of Nauset, Coast Guard, or Craigville Beach. The nature and calmness of the Cape provide you with a break from the chaos of the city. 

New York City

Nothing beats a quick trip to New York City. The city that never sleeps is just a four-hour train ride away from Boston. During your day in New York, you could explore cafes and markets in Seaport, cross the Brooklyn Bridge and check out some thrift stores, or go on a shopping spree in the busy streets of SoHo. You also should check out NYC’s iconic green spots. Washington Square Park is a vibrant public park located in the heart of Greenwich Village, which offers a lively ambiance with countless musicians and artists spending their time there. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the city’s bustling neighborhoods and peaceful green spaces. 


Located just north of Boston, Salem is the site of several witch trials during the 17th century, but it’s also a great coastal city to visit. Today, the city has many historical sites commemorating its past such as the Salem Witch Museum, the Witch House, and the Peabody Essex Museum. In addition to the historical aspects of the city, Salem has many unique vintage stops selling items encapsulating the city’s history of witchcraft. By taking a ride on the T’s commuter rail or a bus, you can explore a fascinating period of America’s history.


Known for its ocean views, Rockport is a low-key coastal town that is only an hour’s drive from campus. The town center is flooded with charming stores and cafes where you can stop to enjoy a cup of coffee and pastry while you walk around. If the weather is warm enough, you can bathe in the sun and take a swim at the town’s iconic beautiful beaches. You can also check out Rockport’s hiking trails, such as Halibut Point State Park, which ends with an incredible view of the ocean.

It’s normal to crave a break from Boston. Although it may seem like too much of a hassle to leave Boston College’s campus, there are plenty of quick getaways that are perfect if you are looking for a change of scenery. Whether you’re looking to enjoy some fresh ocean air, explore a historical city, or immerse yourself in nature, there’s somewhere for all of us within a few hours from Boston. 

April 4, 2023