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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: Week of April 30

Thumbs Up:

  • Congratulations, Gloria!
    • One of the Boston College community’s favorite dining workers, Gloria Garcia Revolorio, was recognized this past week with the Mary Kaye Waldron Award at the Ever to Excel awards ceremony. Known campus-wide for her smile and enthusiastic “tap please!” at the register, Gloria brightens the days of countless BC students. With her congratulatory post receiving over 1,500 likes on Instagram and 1,200 upvotes on Herrd, students are happy to see Gloria finally recognized for her kindness and hard work. So, thank you Gloria—we are so grateful for you!
  • Student Creativity
    • As we know, BC is home to a group of smart students. What don’t we always acknowledge? How creative we are! From the variety of handmade items sold during Arts Fest to the end-of-year performances showcasing our diverse talents to the projects that emerge from the Hatchery on a daily basis, BC has an extremely creative student body. Even if you don’t feel like a particularly creative person, pull out a coloring book or some dorm room karaoke and try your hand at something artsy. If nothing else, it is a great way to let off steam during the stressful finals period.

Thumbs Down:

  • Out-LAW-ed
    • With finals week fast approaching, students are packing O’Neill, Bapst, classrooms, and dorm study rooms in an attempt to find a quiet place to study. The one place they can’t go? BC’s Law Library. And for the undergraduates stuck on Newton, nothing seems more inconvenient. Trekking to crowded Main Campus to study can be stress-inducing for these students, and using the Law Library would be so convenient. So please, let us share this space. We have so much to do, and we promise we won’t be disruptive!
  • Last TUTD of the Year
    • With the close of the school year comes a lot of lasts—last class, last late-night conversation with your current roommates, last dining hall meal, and the last Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down of the school year. We at TUTD love getting to share the good and bad of BC with you every week, and we will miss you this summer. But never fear, we will be back next fall, and we already have a lot of ideas for you. So this summer, keep us in mind and do your own little TUTD activity—acknowledge the bad but continue to look for the good, every week.
April 30, 2023