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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: Week of Apr. 28

Thumbs Up:

  • Arts Fest
    • Craft fairs have overtaken Lower Campus and a cappella performances can be heard echoing through the Mod Lot—Arts Fest is here! It’s no secret that BC’s campus is overflowing with creativity and artistic talent, and Arts Fest is an incredible opportunity for these students to put their talents on display. Cheer on our dance teams, buy a piece of student-made art, or attend a band concert. These students have worked so hard and deserve all of our support!
  • Mods, Mud, and Music
    • The final day of classes is exciting in its own right, but adding a muddy volleyball game and a concert to the mix only boosts anticipation. After Neon Trees and Del Water Gap were announced as this year’s performers, students began counting down the days until they get to pack the Mod Lot once again. So make sure to finish up your final assignments, practice your volleyball serves at the Plex, and blast “Everybody Talks” in preparation for Thursday’s festivities.

Thumbs Down:

  • Exam Season
    • The semester might be winding down, but the workload certainly isn’t. Fast-approaching essay deadlines and anxiety-inducing exams are at the front of all our minds as we enter finals season. Nights out with friends are soon to be swapped for midnight study sessions in O’Neill, and lighthearted conversations with roommates are about to turn into long-winded complaints. Finals week certainly isn’t anybody’s favorite time of the year, but taking study breaks to walk the Res or grab dinner with friends is sure to make the week just a little bit better.
  • Saying Goodbye
    • The end of the semester is incredibly bittersweet. The blooming tulips and shining sun signal that our days on the Heights are coming to an end. Reunions with hometown friends and family are just weeks away, but so are the teary goodbyes with roommates. The endless swarms of graduation photoshoots in front of Gasson are reminders of just how quickly these four years go by. So whether you’re a senior preparing to enter the working world or a freshman counting down the Newton bus rides you have left, try to slow down and, as best as possible, live in the moment.
April 28, 2024