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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: Week of Apr. 21

Thumbs Up:

  • WZBC’s 50th Anniversary
    • This past week, BC’s favorite student-run radio station celebrated its 50th anniversary! With a focus on promoting small artists, WZBC has been connecting campus through the power of music since its establishment as an FM station in 1974. The station recently hosted a successful spring concert in O’Connell House, drawing in crowds to support many of BC’s talented student performers. Happy 50th WZBC—we can’t wait to tune in again!
  • Seize the Semester
    • The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and we’re in the calm before the finals storm. From Mod weddings to picnics on the Quad, students have been taking advantage of the final weeks of the semester to complete their BC bucket lists. Sing your heart out at Modstock, play a muddy game of volleyball on the last day of class, and soak in conversations with your favorite professors. Make sure to study hard for finals, but don’t let any opportunities to seize the day pass you by!

Thumbs Down:

  • Turkey Takeover
    • No stroll across BC’s campus is complete without crossing paths with at a dozen squirrels and, if you’re unlucky enough, the occasional scurrying rat. But aside from these expected critters, the warm weather and blossoming tulips seem to have attracted a new species to BC’s campus—turkeys! These territorial birds can be found blocking off staircases and dominating the walkways of Upper Campus, redirecting students from their typical routes to class. Let’s hope the turkeys find a new place to call home so we can enjoy our final weeks on the Heights undisturbed.
  • Losing Streak
    • After a heartbreaking shutout in the NCAA hockey championship, sports fans thought things couldn’t get any worse. That is until six of BC’s top-scoring men’s basketball players announced their plans to transfer next year. Tough losses for the baseball and softball teams only added to this devastating string of events, sending morale into a downward spiral. This might not have been the best week to be an Eagle, but after an impressive overtime time win, women’s lacrosse proved that we can always count on them!
April 21, 2024