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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: Week of Feb. 25

Thumbs Up:

  • Spring Break is Here
    • After enduring the midterm exams and research papers that monopolized February, it’s safe to say we’re all ready for a much-needed break. Spring Break is the perfect time to check things off your bucket list, spend time with friends, and boost your morale before diving into the rest of second semester. Whether you’re heading home for a week of relaxation or you’re jetting off to the beach with friends, make the most of this rare responsibility-free week.
  • Daylight Savings
    • Daylight savings is just two weeks away, and an extra hour of sunlight is waiting for us on the other side. Even though we’ll lose an hour of sleep when the clocks spring forward on March 10, the sacrifice is certainly worth the 7 p.m. sunsets to come. Warmer weather, sunny afternoons on the quad, and evening walks around the Res are just weeks away. What better way to be welcomed back to campus than with sunlight and signs of spring?

Thumbs Down:

  • The Final Stretch
    • Even though Spring Break is on the horizon, a final stretch of exams still stands between us and a week of freedom. Freezing cold walks to class and declining attendance in lectures are certainly taking a toll on morale. With just five days of classes left, try to search for a final surge of motivation—come Friday, we’ll be free from our overpacked schedules and impending deadlines.
  • Dwindling Dining Bucks
    • Cold winter days call for steaming hot lattes between classes. While these drinks might motivate us to make the trek to Stokes each day, these daily $7 splurges are slowly draining our Eagle Bucks to the point of no return. With almost three months left in the semester, now might be the time to start reserving some funds for refreshers and iced coffees in the warm months to come. And even though it might not be the same as matcha from the Chocolate Bar, coffee from the Rat is always an option for those of us trying to make a dent in our meal plans.
February 25, 2024