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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: Week of Mar. 17

Thumbs Up:

  • St. Patrick’s Day Weekend
    • Jam-packed with green-themed parties and city-wide parades, this time of year is any ginger’s dream. From the second annual ginger run to the classic Boston parade, the luck of the Irish has certainly been present this past week. Whether Irish by blood or in spirit, embrace the holiday by donning your best green attire or taking a trip to the bar with friends—Boston has no shortage of options. Just make sure to know your Guinness chugging limits or your Paddy’s Day will surely end in disaster.
  • Back on the Quad
    • After braving the January snow flurries and February downpours, it’s safe to say that this past week’s sunshine was well-deserved. Lunches on the Quad, spike ball games on Maloney Lawn, and strolls across campus without a puffer coat are just some of the many perks that spring at BC brings. With temperatures slowly on the climb and tulips soon to blossom, now is the perfect time to switch out your favorite cozy booth in O’Neill for a shady patch of grass out on the Quad.

Thumbs Down:

  • Post-Break Slump
    • Though spring break offered a momentary pause from a seemingly endless stream of midterm exams and group projects, the return to campus has proven anything but relaxing. We might be stuck in spring break mode, but the assignments are piling up faster than ever. Some of us even had exams in our first few days back on campus—how cruel! The temptation to slack off and embrace the warmer days may be compelling, but make sure to stay focused for these next few weeks, and Easter Break will be here before we know it!
  • Coffee Crisis
    • Gone are the days of over-the-register small talk now that BC has installed touch screen ordering in Hillside. Just like the Chocolate Bar, this new ordering method might seem more efficient at first glance, but some BC students were displeased to see their favorite cafe overtaken by long lines and computer screens. Why does it feel as though every part of our society is moving as far away from human interaction as possible? All we can do now is hope that CoRo Cafe won’t be the next victim.
March 17, 2024

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