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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: Week of Jan. 24

Thumbs Up:  New Mac, who dis?  Pre-transformation, she scared away even the bravest of eaters. Now Carney’s, the primarily freshman dining hall, affectionately referred to as “Mac,” has upperclassmen making the lines in the once-barren dining hall look like the Lower lines that freshmen once clogged first semester. Everyone wants a piece of the newly…

The Break That Saved Us All
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The Break That Saved Us All

“I’m just so done, I want this semester to be over,” is a phrase that has been echoing across campus since March. It’s like it became the slogan of the first half of 2021 at Boston College—the constant cry for help that we are all “so done.” I think it’s safe to say that while…

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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: Week Of March 1

Thumbs Up:  Nice weather This week, the Boston winter has gone on spring break, and it’s been great. The warm weather has melted away most of the snow and the winter blues. Even if it was just for this week, being able to go for a run, eat lunch outside with friends, or not wear…

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