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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: Week of Feb. 11

Thumbs Up:

  • City Strolls
    • The sunshine and gradual retirement of puffer coats means spring is almost here. What better way to embrace the weather than heading into the city for the day? From the Common to Newbury Street, Boston is jam-packed with green spaces and cobblestone streets to explore. So round up your friends, grab your favorite tote bag, and cure your weekend boredom with a walk through the city.
  • Superbowl Sunday
    • Whether you’re rooting for the Chiefs or the 49ers, focusing on the renowned commercials, or just watching for Taylor Swift, Superbowl Sunday has something for everyone. While we at Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down are writing this before the champions have been announced, campus is sure to be buzzing with talk about celebrity cameos, unexpected interceptions, and halftime show critiques for days to come.

Thumbs Down:

  • Midterm Season
    • Spring break is only three weeks away, and that means one thing for BC students—midterm season is upon us. We might be daydreaming about the sunny beaches of Cabo or the ski slopes in Vermont, but right now, our philosophy papers and accounting exams require our full attention. Go grab your favorite highlighters, print out your study guides, and get ready to spend one too many late nights in O’Neill before kicking back and enjoying the break.
  • Blazer Takeover
    • Wherever you look, groups of students in blazers are taking campus by storm. We’ve reached the final scramble to secure summer internships or post-grad jobs, and the stress levels are at an annual peak. As worried as we might be about our futures, try to take a deep breath and keep your options open. Remember, there’s more to life than networking calls, information sessions, and investment banks.
February 11, 2024

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