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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: Week of Feb. 26

Thumbs Up:

  • Spring Break, Finally!
    • After seven straight weeks of classes, many Boston College students are already feeling incredibly burnt out. The combination of midterms and freezing cold walks to class have left us exhausted, and Spring Break could not be coming at a more opportune time. Whether you are headed to sunny Florida, windy Canada, or home to the comfort of your own bed, this break is well deserved. Take a few moments to breathe deep, talk to your loved ones, and get a little extra sleep—this is our time to rest up and prepare for the second half of the semester!
  • Pups on Campus
    • Sure, BC might only bring therapy dogs to campus during finals, but many people walk their adorable puppies around campus. There’s nothing that brightens our days like seeing cute, curly-haired, tail-wagging puppies running toward you as you hike to the library. These little moments of joy warm our hearts and bring smiles to our faces on otherwise chilly days. So, when dog memes and TikToks just aren’t doing it for you, try taking a “puppy walk” around campus and see how many you can spot.

Thumbs Down:

  • Housing … Again
    • As if we didn’t have enough to worry about, spring semester forces thousands of Eagles to approach the infamous “housing question” each year. Whether you are a freshman attempting to curate an eight-man suite, a sophomore dividing your friend group between Gerald Road and 2150 Commonwealth Ave., or a junior praying for a coveted Mod, the chances of housing going seamlessly are always slim. There’s bound to be a drop of drama and at least a few tears as the process commences. With the overthinking starting way in advance, the “housing question” has already been infiltrating the minds of BC students for weeks. We at Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down wish you the best of luck as you play the boggling mind game that is BC housing.
  • Slipping, Sliding, and Sometimes Falling
    • The snow blanketing Gasson and covering the trees in an icy glow is oh so beautiful. Still, this weather has its downsides. The gray slush that soon forms on the ground is far from a happy sight. As we trudge through campus, the least of our worries is our soaked socks and shoes. The paths not yet shoveled and salted cause us to slip and slide our way around campus, occasionally falling down the stairs. These treacherous paths make all of our days that much more difficult or potentially embarrassing. So be careful and consider walking with a buddy—you’ll either both stay up or fall down together.
February 26, 2023