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Week of Dance’s Electrifying Performances Display Boston College’s Dance Teams’ Creativity

As the lights in Robsham Theater dimmed on Friday, the crowd began applauding in anticipation of the first night of Boston College’s Week of Dance performances. Students cheered out the names of their favorite teams in support, a sound that animated the theater throughout the rest of the night.

The first of two unique performances, Friday’s lineup included 10 BC dance teams, each representing a distinctive style. 

In the week leading up to the event, the teams offered free workshops for students and faculty to share their passion for dance. The week culminated in a showcase of bold dances and creative music choices.

The showcase started off strong with BC On Tap, BC’s only tap-dancing group. Its snappy performance to Paolo Nutini’s aptly named song “New Shoes” provided an energetic start to the showcase.

The lively atmosphere in Robsham only grew with BC Irish Dance’s (BCID) number to Dua Lipa’s “Dance the Night.” Sporting a lineup of pink, glittery outfits, BCID made the number feel like a scene straight out of Barbie.

Many of the groups chose to choreograph medleys or mashups of songs, creating engaging and dynamic performances around a common theme. UPrising Dance Crew’s bold performance to a hip-hop and pop medley, for example, included Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face,” a song that immediately sparked cheers from the crowd. 

BC Dance Ensemble (BCDE) followed with a mashup of Black Eyed Peas’ hits, choreographed by Kristi Liivak, MCAS ’24, Maddy Jones, MCAS ’24, and Shelby Colvin, MCAS ’25. The dance was as dynamic as the song lineup, with the entire ensemble spinning in unison to “Fergalicious.” 

Next, the Dance Organization of Boston College (DOBC) chose to go with a throwback medley of Queen songs, leaping with bursts of energy to “Don’t Stop Me Now.”

While some of the groups, like BCDE and DOBC, sported traditional dance costumes, others complemented their dance style with more casual outfits. 

Phaymus’ sunglasses and Synergy’s matching sweatpants added to their effortlessly cool hip-hop-style routines.

Masti, the Bollywood fusion dance group that won the 2023 ALC Showdown, wore matching custom hoodies with “Masti” written on the front, unifying the group and adding to its vibrant choreography.

Vida de Intensa Pasión’s choreography impressed with a whirlwind of solo and partner dances to lively Latin songs. Fuego del Corazón followed, eliciting a few gasps from the audience as its dancers flipped and spun in the air. 

After BCDE returned to the stage for a dramatic slow number to Prince’s “Purple Rain,” the Golden Eagles Dance Team picked the energy back up with a medley of female pop hits, including a kick line to Nelly Furtado’s “Maneater.” 

AEROdynamiK Dance Crew closed the night with a hip-hop number to J. Cole’s “Pride is the Devil,” a chilling but perfect way to wind down the first night of performances. 

As the dance groups filed out after final applause, Robsham was still buzzing with energy for the second night.

The second night of the Week of Dance showcase on Saturday will feature returning dance groups BC On Tap, BCID, DOBC, UPrising, BCDE, Golden Eagles, and Fuego. It will also introduce new performances from Sexual Chocolate, Full Swing, and “C”apital Dance Ministry.

December 3, 2023