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The Final Weeks: Different BC Students at the End of the Year

Frigid February blizzards and dreary March windstorms have finally given way to beautiful 60-degree spring days on the Heights. As the weather gets warmer and the cherry blossoms decorate campus, Boston College students are lounging on the Quad and counting down the days until summer. 

As finals season creeps up, BC students tend to take on different attitudes about the semester’s impending end. From chilling out to frantically cramming to save the A, here are the different types of BC students you may notice during these final few weeks.


Everything seems to feel just right when the sun is shining over campus. BC students love nothing more than to grab a coffee, find a few friends, and spend their time in between classes taking in the beautiful weather. The grass is no different than a desk, right? 

Sure, you can pretend to be productive, but everyone knows those hours on the Quad are actually spent trying to get a tan and dreaming of summer days to come.

The “We Live On a Floating Rock”ers 

As the chance of saving your grade in that one class becomes impossible, it’s easy to throw your hands up in the air and say, “Nothing’s real!” 

Late nights at O’Neill and long hours spent figuring out what your difficult professor actually wants in an essay have taken their toll by this point in the year. Rather than fretting over a final group project, these students are thanking themselves for the work they’ve put in all semester by using these last few weeks to spend quality time with friends. 


Some BC students just miss recess. These Eagles take their yard games seriously, and a casual game of Spikeball often turns into a full-on tournament, lasting hours at a time. Those with limited athletic ability can only dream of the never-ending fun that these games seem to garner. 

Worrying about final exams and deadlines seems to evade these students, who now have a much more pressing task to tend to—defending their honor in the arena of outdoor games. 

Homesick Freshmen 

The anticipation, the dreaming of the perfect college life, and the aspirations to make a grand transformation have officially ended. First semester came and went, and BC freshmen are no longer the newbies on campus.

As the excitement of new beginnings slowly dies out, many freshmen are looking forward to reuniting with their high school friends and enjoying home-cooked meals again.

Even with this impending lounge-around time, it would behoove these students to enjoy the last few weeks of their time on campus. It won’t be long before they’re dreaming of a return to Chestnut Hill.

Sentimental Seniors

Though we’re all feeling blue about leaving the Heights, nobody is dreading it more than the senior class. The past four years become a blur as these Eagles look back on their time here—a journey that began back in a time of masks and weekly testing!

Though graduation felt lifetimes away back then, the day is now quickly approaching. Despite the waves of nostalgia this time often brings, the Class of 2024 still has a few weeks to make the most of life on the Heights. 

April 21, 2024