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Newton Police Arrest Man Allegedly Involved in Rhode Island Car Chase

Newton police arrested a man allegedly involved in a car chase that began in Rhode Island on Friday.

Officers responded to a call about an unconscious man in the parking lot of the Riverside T station in Auburndale, according to a statement Newton Police Department (NPD) Chief John Carmichael posted to Facebook.

Before arriving, officers had been informed by dispatch that the red Mercedes the man was sleeping in was involved in a high-speed chase and had entered Massachusetts on I-95 from Rhode Island.

Once the vehicle entered Massachusetts, state police pursued but eventually stopped the chase, Carmichael said.

“Due to the operation of the vehicle and excessive speeds the vehicle exited the highway in Norwood, at which time the pursuit was terminated,” Carmichael wrote in the statement.

When NPD officers approached the vehicle at Riverside, the man attempted to flee the lot. He drove down an access road where officers followed the car. After a short pursuit, the man jumped out of the vehicle and jumped onto the MBTA tracks.

After a pursuit on foot, police cornered the man between the tracks and a fence lining the Woodland Station Apartments and arrested him.

According to Carmichael, one officer issued verbal commands to the suspect who was allegedly repeatedly reaching into his pockets for what appeared to be a weapon. 

Another officer assisted with the arrest by jumping from a five-foot retaining wall and helping to contain the man’s attempt to flee.

Police identified the man as Emanuel Salmeron, a 22-year-old from Providence, R.I. He faces charges for failing to stop for an officer, negligent motor vehicle operation, resisting arrest, and assault with a dangerous weapon.

Salmeron has been turned over to the Massachusetts State Police.

Carmichael commended the officers involved in the arrest in his statement.

“Their strategy and quick decisions helped preserve public safety and prevent any injuries to our officers and other motorists,” Carmichael wrote.

April 23, 2024