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UGBC Senate Confirms Division Directors, Special Interest Representatives, Committee Chairs for 2024–25

Tuesday marked the UGBC Senate’s final meeting of the 2023–24 academic year and the first session with its newly-elected group of student senators. Katie Garrigan, newly-inaugurated UGBC vice president and MCAS ’25, presided over the Senate for the first time. 

The new group of student leaders began its tenure by confirming a slew of nominees for executive positions and Senate roles. The executive team confirmations were as follows: 

Saron Yared, MCAS ’25 — director of the AHANA+ Leadership Council

Isabella Bianchi, WCAS ’26 — director of the Council for Students with Disabilities

Sydney Brown, MCAS ’25 — director of the Queer Leadership Council

Julia Carpenter, MCAS ’25 — director of the Environmental Sustainability Division

Shelby Seybold, MCAS ’25 — director of the Communications Division

Sahithi Thumuluri, MCAS ’25 — director of the Finance Division

Margaret Kuffner, MCAS ’25 — director of the Student Initiatives Division

Aidan Seguin, MCAS ’25 — director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The new group of student senators also confirmed appointees to the Senate’s five special interest seats. 

Cecelia Mase, MCAS ’26, was confirmed as transfer student representative; Alessandra Veveiros, MCAS ’27, was confirmed as international student representative; and Kiki Stoker, CSOM ’25, was confirmed as student-athlete representative.

Colleen Blascik, MCAS ’27, and Alexis Thomas, MCAS ’25, will reprise their roles as first-generation student representative and Montserrat student representative, respectively. 

To conclude the litany of confirmations, student senators also nominated and confirmed leaders of the Senate’s four committees.

Delphine Gareau, MCAS ’26, was confirmed as academic affairs committee chair; Cristina Gregory, MCAS ’26, was confirmed as community relations committee chair; Thomas was confirmed as intersectionality committee chair; and Danny Wise, MCAS ’25, was confirmed as student life committee chair for the second consecutive year.

At the end of the meeting, outgoing UGBC president Jonah Kotzen, MCAS ’24, expressed confidence in the new group of student senators and reminded them of their potential to enact positive change.

“This is the place to have discussions about what happens at our school and make change for the better—looks like a lovely group this year,” Kotzen said. “I have a lot of faith in you, and I wish you all the best.”

Colleen Dallavalle, associate vice president for student engagement and formation, said she looks forward to working with UGBC leadership in the upcoming year, and that the job of a student senator is often a thankless one.

“Even when it’s challenging, even when it’s easy, you don’t always get the pat on the back that you deserve, but the work matters,” Dallavalle said.

May 1, 2024

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