Alex Gaynor is a senior staff columnist and former assistant photography editor for The Heights. You can usually find her somewhere on Brighton Campus drinking loose-leaf tea and wearing wild pants. She is very overwhelmed by modern forms of social media so please don't try to tweet her on the Twitter.

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Solidarity Starts With Awareness

To be global citizens, we all should care about events that shock the consciousness of a people, destroy lives and institutions, and cause fear, regardless of whether they occur halfway around the world or on our own campus.


On Breaking The Male Stigma At BC

If you’re a female on campus this week, you’ve probably heard about the Women’s Center’s Love Your Body Week. If you’re a male, you probably heard about the events, and then proceeded to go about your everyday business, since “women’s issues” don’t concern you.


Embrace Life’s Mess

Let’s face it: sometimes life just gets messy. Situations don’t always lean in our favor, relationships fail, and tough decisions always need to be made.


Learn First, Lead Second

At a school that grooms students to be future leaders, it is necessary to first take the time to step back, check your privilege and bias, and realize that in order to lead we first must learn how to listen, observe, and follow.

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