Spring Fashion Preview 2015

Even more so than glamourous red carpet looks, spring streetwear is a big indicator of how last season’s biggest runway trends have transitioned into everyday wear. With temperatures dipping into the low ’70s this week, it’s finally time to shed those Canada Goose jackets and L.L. Bean boots we’ve grown tired of seeing during the dreary winter months and slip into a pair of strappy sandals or maybe even a flowy top. Spring is finally here and it’s all about incorporating comfort and accessibility into some of this season’s hottest trends.

Hippie chic

Speaking of the ’70s, the disco era we’ve all come to love (and sometimes hate) is back in full force this spring. From suede to fringe-lined jackets, hippie-chic dominated the runways this season. Featuring romantic silhouettes and flowy dresses from Alberta Ferretti, Emilo Pucci, and Chloe, Fashion Month proved that bohemian-inspired looks are here to stay. Billowing skirts, paisley motifs, and lace-lined maxi dresses have gradually moved from the runway into everyday wear by focusing on light and flowing silhouettes. It’s all about movement.

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Vanessa Maramba, GSA&S ’16

“I grew up only shopping at Marshall’s and I really emulate my mother in cultivating individual style and making it my own. Now I tend to shop at Free People or Anthropologie.”




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Karla Ross, A&S ’18

“I go with what’s comfortable. When you dress nice, you tend to feel better.”


White Out

The days of forgoing white after Labor Day are gone—for now. The winter season saw an emphasis on grid patterns and gingham prints, along with clean lines and minimalistic looks. This spring, the monochromatic trend is taking the fashion world by storm. While people tend to gravitate towards all-black looks during the colder months, some are opting for crisp, white outfits in order to match the rising temperatures.

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 Autumn Justice, A&S ’18

“I gravitate towards more vintage and found pieces. I love late ’80s and early ’90s fashion, like Winona Ryder circa Heathers.”




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 Yeojin Yoon, A&S ’17

“I love statement necklaces and I just go with what’s comfortable.”



Boldest Blues

Trade in the Canada Goose for a Canadian suit this spring. Denim has always been a long-time staple in fashion, but this season has taken denim to whole new level. Designers such as Gucci and Stella McCartney have incorporated denim color palettes into their lines while Burberry Prorsum evoked faded blues and various textures into its denim trench coat. Blue in general has been hue to watch out for, with the revival of nautical-inspired wear this spring.

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Sarah Zhukobin, A&S ’18

“My outfits tend to be eclectic and feminine. I focus on accessories and most of my clothes are from different thrift shops.”




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Andy Chen, A&S’16

“My friends back home all have different tastes, so my style tends to be very eclectic. I look mostly for individual pieces online and streetwear trends.”



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Christine Champ, A&S ’18

“My style tends to be pseudo-punk or hipster. I tend to plan out my outfits the night before.”






If you’ve flipped through the glossy contents of a fashion magazine in the last month (or year), you know that sportswear has been dominating the fashion scene for quite some time. Sneakers incorporate comfort and wearability with the androgyny that often rules the runways. Sports-inspired wear has everyone slipping into a pair of crisp white Adidas or Nikes. Track jackets, mesh, and paneled, sheer tops have also offered a unique twist on the sportswear trend. Sometimes making an impression doesn’t always have to involve frills or flounce.

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Brennan O’Boyle, CSOM ’16

“I’m inspired by classic Americano and traditional elements of the 1960s. Four Pins, the Complex Magazine blog, is where I mainly look for style inspiration. Right now, I’m into wearing longer shirts, slim-fitting jeans, and skate shoes.”








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Andy Pierre, WSCAS ’17

“I would describe my style as unique. I don’t want to look like everyone else so I look online and to magazines for inspiration.”







Featured Image by Breck Wills / Heights Illustration

Photography by Drew Hoo / Heights Editor

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