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University Continues Fire Cleanup

The circumstances of three fires that were set in Boston College academic buildings last weekend are still under investigation as cleanup of the damaged areas wraps up.

According to the BCPD blotter, which was released to the public on Nov. 11, a report of arson in Gasson Hall was filed at 9:46 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 9. Another report of arson in Stokes Hall was filed 13 minutes later, at 9:59 p.m. At 2:10 a.m. on Sunday, Nov. 10, an emergency alert was sent out to the BC community, stating that fires had been reported and asking anyone who had witnessed suspicious activity or had other relevant information to contact BCPD.

The fire in Gasson, which was in a hallway on the second floor outside Gasson 200, resulted in a small mark on the floor but no other damage. According to University Spokesman Jack Dunn, the cause of that fire was burning papers, and it was quickly extinguished.

The damage in Stokes, however, was much more extensive. Cubicles for at least five stations in Stokes 420 A-E, a graduate student area, were so damaged that they had to be removed and replaced. Books that were affected by the soot and smoke had to be removed to More Hall to be cleaned, and water damage affected portions of the second and third floors of Stokes as well. Classes that were using the two classrooms on the fourth floor had to be moved to Carney Hall.

As of today, the Stokes cleanup is almost complete.

“The final vacuuming and clean up is underway and the offices and classrooms will resume normal operations [Monday],” said Vice President for Facilities Management Daniel Bourque in an email on Sunday. “The team of contractors worked diligently throughout the week and weekend to restore the areas impacted by the fire and sprinkler system release.”

No additional information has been released about the investigation into who was responsible for the fires, however.

“The investigation is ongoing and police have no information to share at this time,” Dunn said in an email on Sunday. BCPD was contacted but directed all inquiries to the Office of News and Public Affairs.

November 18, 2013