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TU / TD: Goodbye, For Now

Thumbs Up

Scott: We were actually successful at waking up at a decent hour, but we still feel slightly delusional. There’s the paper to write for tomorrow, and not mention that huge, 60 percent final in three days for a class we’ve been neglecting since day one. We’re trying not to think about it. And, enter Scott. The saving grace of any day. A sharp cracking “Hi!” wakes us up and always makes us smile, and the following “you got it” to our Chocolate Bar order is doubly as satisfying knowing the caffeine we’re desperately hunting for is coming. You do you, Scott. You make the Chocolate Bar a sanctuary during the nightmare of finals season.

Black coffee: Starting the day bitter and with a hop in our step. If you’ve never given black coffee an honest try, we suggest that finals season is the perfect time. None of that cream and sugar junk. Taste the richness of the coffee. Sit down. Dive into the thick of it. And now, the coffee is free. Drink up. The final push is upon us.

St. Mary’s opening: Ladies and gentlemen, your prayers have been answered. In a fascinating turn of events, BC actually makes a deadline on a building renovation. It’s okay if you feel like crying. We did too. And the inside looks, like, nice. The implications of this are not completely known—it is so completely unprecedented to start with—but we are speculating that the 10 year plan might actually stay the 10 year plan instead of becoming the 52 year plan we thought it might. Also, who knows what other miracles will be coming in other parts of our lives. Maybe a working TransLoc update will come out. Maybe NOTH will resurge. Maybe we’ll get someone for Mod Stock that can actually draw a crowd. Trust us, we’re trying to not get our hopes too high, but it’s hard, when miracles like this just happen upon us.

Thumbs Down

Lack of sleep: Seven hours a night? How about an hour every five hours. That sounds more realistic. We’ve now become completely devoid of charm. Our hearing is fading some, and our vision is narrowing. And there’s that moment at three in the morning when we’re in Bapst and we pause in the middle of a philosophy paper, stare forward, and realize we’ve just misspelled four words in a row. Cue disheveled stumble to the candy machine, convincing ourselves all we need is sugar.

Having to take a break: Two issues in, and we already have to take a month break. Try not to miss us too much – we’ll spend the winter break doing some heavy study about what there is to dig about the college life, and what should be pushed away. Stay tuned, friends. Until then, be bold.

Featured Image by Alex Gaynor / Heights Senior Staff

December 10, 2014