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Ella Henderon’s ‘Yours’ Video Embraces The Emotional

Ella Henderson’s newest music video for “Yours” brings together all that audiences have grown to appreciate in her craft. The track itself is a romantic ballad, filled with drama and powerful vocals. Directed by James Lees, the music video demonstrates Henderson’s cool, sultry style and persona.

The scene opens up on a black-and-white city landscape, where Henderson finds herself singing to a lover sleeping close by in her apartment. Although the video has elements of a simply performance-oriented video, the drama in Henderson’s vocals coupled with his attention to relationships makes this music video memorable. A gloomy and monochromatic scene sets a bleak tone for Henderson’s musical, reflective moment.

As the video develops, Henderson sifts through old photos and creates a feeling of nostalgia. More so than most music videos, which as more focused on plot, this video for “Yours” relies on allusion to carry on its message. Instead of being flashy and transparent, “Yours” shows more emotional depth. Henderson’s powerful performance needs only a tiny glimpse of reality to evoke a vivid understanding of the relationship she describes.

The video visually concludes following the lyrics of the song, with the two embracing each other as Henderson sings, “I am yours.” Ultimately, the single and the video work together to be both romantic and entertaining, and contribute to Henderson’s vastly expanding musical identity. As she produces more high-quality music with powerful videos such as this one, Ella Henderson is sure to attain an even larger, more passionate fan-base. She is developing her own standards as an artist, and has placed the bar rather high for herself.

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December 11, 2014

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