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Winter Storm Juno Blankets BC In 20 Inches Of Snow

Boston College was hit hard when winter storm “Juno” blanketed campus and the Greater Boston area with 20 inches of snow, making it one of the top 10 biggest storms in the city’s history. 

In response to Governor Charlie Baker’s declaration of a state of emergency on Monday evening, all nonessential University functions were put on hold. Classes were canceled on Tuesday, the Flynn Recreation Complex shut its doors to students, and all bus services were suspended after 8 p.m. Monday. Despite the significant snowfall that accumulated on Tuesday, the National Weather Service has shortened its blizzard warning. It will now end at 8 p.m. Tuesday, rather than Wednesday at 1 a.m.

Arthur Bailin / Heights Editor

“It is strongly urged that students remain in their residence halls except for trips to the dining facilities, and that they dress warmly and in bright-colored clothing for their dining visits,” the University said in an official statement via email. “All student residence halls remain fully staffed with RAs and RDs.”

Stranded on campus, many students took advantage of the free time to sleep in, throw snowballs, and watch Netflix. The most popular event on campus was a massive snowball fight that took place in the Mod Lot. The event “The Boston College Snowball War of 2015” was created by The New England Classic, a satirical publication on campus. According to the event’s Facebook page, over 2,000 people “attended” the brawl.

The snowball fight began around 1:00 p.m. and continued throughout the afternoon until students dispersed. During the event, students climbed on top of large piles of snow, hoisting flags and sleds. Although the snowball fight was allowed to continue, the Boston College Police Department (BCPD) intervened when students began to use the piled snow to climb on top of the Flynn Recreation Complex.

“After creating the snowball fight event in my dorm room, I think I know just how Mark Zuckerberg felt when he invented Facebook,” Anthony Perasso, LSOE ’17, said. “There was an incredible turnout, and it was hilarious how all-out people went with flags and costumes.”

Approximately 20 inches of snow accumulated on campus on Tuesday, per CBS Boston. Residents of Eastern Massachusetts can expect more moderate to heavy snow until later this evening, according to the National Weather Service, before gradually diminishing overnight.

Arthur Bailin / Heights Editor


The University has not yet released a statement regarding whether or not classes will be canceled Wednesday. The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency, however, encouraged only emergency employees to travel if necessary.

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Heights editors Carolyn Freeman, Bennet Johnson, and Sarah Moore wrote this report.

January 27, 2015