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Valise’s Energetic “Charlie Gray,” Kevin Garrett, And More Singles This Week

Valise, “Charlie Gray”

This is a pop song, but it’s not just a pop song. It’s kind of experimental and orchestral and lots of other wonderful things all meshed into one delightful nugget of sound. In other words, this a great, energetic track to listen to anytime. Play it on your walk to class—its rat-a-tat-tat rhythm will make you feel like you’re going somewhere much more interesting than history.

MONAKR, “Diamond”

MONAKR is gearing up to release its as-yet-untitled debut EP on June 16th, and they’re previewing it with this lead single. As its title implies, this pop/house track is a gem with uplifting lyrics and a feel-good beat. Listen to this one when you need a pick-me-up.

Kevin Garrett, “Control”

This song incorporates all the senses. With a combination of throbs and clicks, a hollow-toned bass, a flicker of guitar, and some light keyboard, the beat envelops the senses. And then when you turn your attention to the lyrics, they give you all the feels. Garrett plays with perspective in this love song, as he pleads with himself and his boo-thang.


Featured Image Courtesy of Valise

February 18, 2015