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Prince, Muse, And The Waterboys In Single This Week

Muse, “Psycho”

Albeit a little repetitive and not particularly groundbreaking, Muse’s new politically subversive garage rock tune is a delightfully distorted barrage of bluesy riffs, laced with Matthew Bellamy’s usual operatic-sized voice. The song signals a step back from Muse’s recent forays into classically influenced music and toward a rawer, grungier sound.

 Prince & 3rdEyeGirl, “The X’s Face”

3 Stars

Prince’s latest single is short and minimalistic, relying solely on electronic drums and dubstep patches for the accompaniment. The falsetto vocals and lyrics carry the piece’s energy and the minimalism is an intriguing direction, yet the song feels a bit lifeless by the end, lacking growth and dynamism.


The Waterboys, “The Girl Who Slept for Scotland”

3 Stars

The Waterboys’ latest release tells the endearing story about a man who loves a girl who loves to sleep. Its acoustic, soft rock feel, reminiscent of Jackson Browne with a Scottish accent, is fitting. But perhaps it’s a bit too lulling for a five-minute piece.

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March 19, 2015