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Group Of Outgoing Seniors, Alums Pledge No Donations Until LGBTQ Center Created

A group of graduating seniors and current Boston College alumni published a petition—attached to a letter written by outgoing Undergraduate Government president Nanci Fiore-Chettiar, A&S ’15—asking that current students and graduates stop donating to BC and refuse to do so until the University establishes a resource center for LGBTQ students. Billed as the “For Here All Are One” campaign, the initiative’s title is taken from a line in “For Boston,” BC’s fight song. The letter, petition, and corresponding video were released Tuesday to coincide with Support Love Day, which is led annually by the school’s GLBTQ Leadership Council (GLC).

The University currently does not have a center for LGBTQ students. Current resources are made available by a collection of campus groups. GLC, the largest and most active GLBTQ group on campus, receives all funding through the Undergraduate Government of Boston College (UGBC).

“The lack of institutionalized resources for and education regarding the LGBTQ community sets an example for the student body that has resulted in a campus culture that perpetuates heteronormativity and homophobia,” Fiore-Chettiar wrote in a letter attached to the petition.

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Featured Image Taken From “For Here All Are One” Video

April 28, 2015