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IRS Form 990 Reveals Christian’s 2014-15 Salary, York’s Compensation Doubled

This week, Boston College released this information which details its records from the most recent fiscal year, which stretches from June 1, 2014 to May 31, 2015. With the completion of his first season as the head coach of BC men’s basketball came the release of Jim Christian’s 2014-15 salary. According to the University’s Fiscal Year IRS Form 990, Christian, who was hired in April 2014, received a salary almost twice that of his compensation at Ohio, the school he worked at prior to BC.

Christian received a base salary of $930,215, with a total compensation of $1,140,225 when including various additional fees, according to the 2014-15 report. That’s about a $100,000 increase from Steve Donahue’s salary in his final year as head coach at BC. Donahue, however, still appears on the report. He received $685,234 in total compensation as a result of his firing on a six-year contract.

Director of Athletics Brad Bates and football head coach Steve Addazio received similar salaries to their first year on the books. Bates’ total compensation was $643,739, a $50,000 decrease from 2013-14—however, Bates received nearly the same salary ($516,715 in 2014-15 vs. $516,701 in 2013-14). Like Bates, Addazio also had a slightly lower total compensation. His $2,333,628 intake in 2014-15 was $200,000 less than what he earned total in 2013-14. Yet, also like Bates, his base salary remained mostly the same ($1,890,130 in 2014-15 vs. $1,810,964 in 2013-14). For the second year in a row, Addazio was the highest-compensated employee at BC.

The biggest jump in compensation went to men’s hockey head coach Jerry York, who signed a contract extension in December 2013 that kicked in after 2013-14 and will last until the 2019-20 season. York earned a base salary of $491,259, yet received $677,311 in “other reportable compensation.” That, combined with other figures, led to a final total of $1,249,617. That total represents a 100 percent increase from his 2013-14 compensation of $626,953.

For the first time since he was fired in 2010, former men’s basketball coach Al Skinner was not on the books in 2014-15. He was paid $585,069 in 2013-14, the fourth consecutive year he had been paid after leaving BC.

The section of the 990 that includes the compensation for BC’s 20 highest-paid employees, however, ends in December 2014 at the conclusion of the calendar year. An employee’s total compensation is calculated by the combination of what is reported as base compensation, “other reportable compensation,” “retirement and deferred compensation,” and nontaxable benefits. Federally tax-exempt organizations such as BC are required to fill out Form 990s with the IRS every year. BC’s full 2014-15 report can be found here.

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April 24, 2016

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  1. Carefully read the form. It only includes the top 5 paid employees not top 20. The 20 listed are those required to be reported for other reasons. There may well be employees between #5 Bates and the next listed one Zona.