Man Shot Outside Popular Nightclub Left in Critical Condition
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Man Shot Outside Popular Nightclub Left in Critical Condition

A man was shot multiple times in an altercation near the popular Garage Boston nightclub in Allston, according to a representative from Boston police. The man was transported to a nearby hospital following the shooting.

The shooting took place after an apparent physical altercation inside the nightclub, although it is not yet know exactly where the man was shot. The investigation is currently ongoing.

The victim, who was in his mid-20s, was left in critical condition, Superintendent Bernard O’Rourke said to The Boston Globe.

“It’s so early in the investigation right now. We have no way of knowing anything,” he said. “There was an altercation just prior to this . . . incident, then the shots rang out.”

Garage Boston nightclub was not available for comment.

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September 19, 2016

3 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “Man Shot Outside Popular Nightclub Left in Critical Condition”

  1. That used to be a safe place for Whites and Asians decades ago, but now it’s Hispanic gang-bangers and blacks banging left, right, and centre. Vote for Trump and get a grip on your country and your destinies.

    • that was by far one of the most racist comments i have ever read. I hope you did not attend boston college because you clearly learned NOTHING about men and women for others.

      • I went to Northeast China Normal University for my undergraduate degree and Univ. of Illinois for my doctorate.

        I wrote the truth about that ‘hood. My nephew lives there. I’ve been to it about fifteen times since I entered the USA 9 years ago.

        What do men and women have to do with the topic, and are you a queer Non-White Hispanic or what? LOL! You are angry about the fact that Mestizos have a gang participation rate that’s 33 times higher than Whites and you’re pissed off because 53 percent of the people in prisons (I’m not counting jails) are like you: Brown immigrants from Latin America.

        You Hispanics need to stop breaking laws so much. Don’t get angry at me because i have written the truth about you invaders from Latin America.

        Vote for Trump and stop the 60 years of Far Left madness that has crippled USA!

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