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Happy Thanksgiving From the Editors

The Heights editors give thanks.

I’m thankful for Shannon and my sister, for the Mets, and for the #RegisWeDaBest crew. But most of all, I’m thankful for all of you who read The Heights every day, from friends and family members of our writers to the Boston College community, past, present, and future. Without you, my Sundays and Wednesdays would be a lot less entertaining.

-Michael Sullivan, Sports Editor

I am thankful for my girl squad headed by Connor Murphy, Archer Parquette (the answerer of many questions), the head sports editor and our strictly professional relationship, mac and cheese (all kinds), Amy Poehler, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Mindy Kaling, and for all of my fans who keep me humble. Thank you, everyone, for this award (is that not what this is?).

-Shannon Kelly, Associate Copy Editor

I’m thankful for my amazingly loving family, incredible school, the cool cats on the board of this newspaper, and a country that stands tall in the face of adversity. E pluribus unum.

-Griffin Elliott, Systems Manager

Every day, I am eternally thankful that I’ve made it this far without succumbing to the constant urge to flee to the woods and live out my days as a humble, field jacket-wearing weirdo. That’s only been possible thanks to my parents, K-Town (the 262), Fish and Cheese, Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down, a persistent rejection of hygienic norms, New Hampshire, and Johnny Cash. Also, I’m always thankful for exaggeration, sarcasm, parody, and irony for allowing me to bury any trace of sincere sentiment under a pile of absurdity.

-Archer Parquette, Opinions Editor

I’m thankful for HRC, the president of my heart. I’m also thankful for the winky-face emoji and Late Night chicken, both of which I overuse recklessly; for Shannon, my partner in shade and a true em-dash queen, and for Kaylie, who’s somehow put up with us for literally a year; for Archer, who always lets me take, like, six hours to read A7; and for everybody else, for never telling me to shut up when I sing T Swift and for making me so, so happy to be here.

-Connor Murphy, Copy Editor

I’m thankful for earl grey tea, TapeACall, dried mangos, CNN news updates, geotags, LifeProof phone cases, and Carolyn’s mini fridge.

-Sophie Reardon, News Editor

I’m thankful for Uber, White Mountain, and the endless joy Fifth Harmony’s “Work From Home” gives me.

-Chris Russo, Assistant News Editor

I’m thankful for the knowledge that there is still love in this world.

-Kayla Fernando, Assistant Features Editor

I’m thankful for my mom who raised me single-handedly. I’m thankful for my family. I’m thankful for my friends. Most importantly, I’m thankful for the adventure I call life.

-Zach Wilner, General Manager

I am thankful for all of my family and friends that surround me, as they are the best support network anyone could ever ask for. I’m also thankful for all of the opportunities I have been blessed with—and Archer, can’t forget about Archer.

-Juan Olavarria, Metro Editor

I am thankful for soy milk in my coffee on Thursday and Monday mornings; Joe Biden memes, for always brightening my day; Archer, for always encouraging me to “write more stories;” JHops, for being my life-long protest buddy; my family in Willy 2, for having my back no matter what; and Sophie and Chris, for making me love the news.

-Taylor St. Germain, Associate News Editor

I am thankful for all of my families: my family back at home, my family in 45 Rad, and my Heights family. Also, at this particular moment, I am very, very thankful for Joe Biden memes.

-Keaton McAuliffe, Layout Editor

I am thankful for my family and friends, especially those that I consider to be both.

-Tom DeVoto, A1 Editor

I am thankful for my family, my wonderful roommates (both past and present), the Saturday Night Live sketches that keep me endlessly entertained, the color salmon, and BC for introducing me to the family that is The Heights and all of the great people I’ve met on campus thus far.

-Meagan Loyst, On-Campus Ads Manager

I’m thankful for the friends I’ve made at BC, for Bruce Springsteen, for finally having a kitchen in my dorm, for El Pelon because I’m lazy and don’t use my kitchen, but mostly for Joe Biden memes.

-Gus Merrell, Collections Manager

I am thankful that each night I can close my eyes and relinquish control of my consciousness to the sweet, tender embrace of a blissful sleep. I am also quite fond of stuffing.

-Caleb Griego, Associate Arts Editor

I’m thankful for Addie’s acai bowls, “Stay A Little Longer” feat. Connor Murphy, side tables in Bapst, veggie egg flatbreads on Sunday mornings, Christmas lights, LL Bean fleece flannels, my sneaker collection, Calvin Klein, Gasson at 1 a.m., no lines for Tuscan Chicken, blue pens, drinstas, Charcoal’s couch, apple cider, New York bagels, my various families (in NY, NC, and MA) and what every single member of each has taught me over 20 years, and what they will in the future.

-Grace Mastropasqua, Assistant Layout Editor

I’m thankful for the em-dash’s unparalleled versatility, roomies past and present, chocolate milk, hot (caffeinated) beverages, and the joys of Spotify Premium.

-Hannah McLaughlin, Assistant Arts Editor

I’m thankful for 28B and Mod sweatpants, denim backpacks, lentil soup, and Comfort Colors. I am embarrassed to be thankful for pumpkin spice lattes and Brut Andre. I am not (at all) thankful for the LSAT, but I am thankful for the two forgiving humans in Maryland who have put up with the insanity it has induced for the past eight months. I’m thankful for my second-to-last semester in Chestnut Hill, and for the next few months I get to spend in this beautifully chaotic place. Most of all I am thankful for the three years I have had the chance to spend in and around McElroy 113, the amazingly high-functioning people it has given me, and the memories I will take with me moving forward.

-Sarah Moore, Outreach Coordinator

I am thankful for camp, my sleeveless-striped turtleneck, the Adobe Suite, Google, the “Gail Corner,” Brett Ingram’s in-class analysis, people who call me “Abigail,” my dad’s pork tenderloin, cheese curds & ranch, gold chains, Graphics Boi, Auntie Anne’s, camping people, the stars, my dog Nellie (R.I.P.), penny loafers, all my fellow Man Repellers, Kelsey McGeek (and all my other Loyal Haters), graphic inspo, pink glasses, the Cubs, Bruce’s “Rosalita,” and the Midwest for its wonderful people (but mostly for its Portillo’s).

-Abby Paulson, Graphics Editor

I’m thankful for the greatest family on planet earth, my most-baddest best buds, my wonderful better half, the fearless delinquents of RIP Guiseppe, the countless people (to whom I owe everything) who helped me get here or have offered even an ounce of help over the years, the beautiful people of The Heights, the basement of Mac, the Wright brothers, the inventors of seltzer water, and you.

-James Lucey, Features Editor

I’m thankful for my parents, brothers, family, and friends, in Boston and across the world. I’m thankful for The Heights and all the people I’ve met here. I’m thankful for Chris Pratt and John Krasinski. Most of all, though, I’m thankful for dogs, especially my dog Kirby.

-Annabel Steele, Assistant Sports Editor

I’m thankful for my friends, family, dogs, and a nice warm breeze back home in California. I’m thankful for the winter/Oscar movie season that’s about to hit the nation in full force. But, at least in this moment, I’m most thankful for The Heights and all the love that it’s made up of and goes into it.

-Christopher Fuller, Arts Editor

I’m thankful for my family, the squad that still hasn’t managed to put together a dinner party yet, the boys back home, Harambe the Hedgehog of 55 Algonquin Street, and especially that one person who always hogs the blankets.

-Jack Donahue, Account Manager

I’m thankful for my family and friends, my Girl Gang, the Chocolate Bar, Adobe, tea, Gail (sometimes), and golden retrievers.

-Kelsey McGee, Assistant Graphics Editor

I’m forever grateful for The Heights and all of the people who’ve made this organization my family on campus over the past three years.

-Bennet Johnson, Business Manager

I’m thankful for my friends and family, turtleneck sweaters, tea, Connor and Shannon for loving grammar as much as I do, and for a wonderful year on The Heights!

-Kaylie Daniels, Assistant Copy Editor

I’m thankful for those who will stick with me through the best and worst of times. Also, coffee. Coffee is great.

-Francisco Ruela, Assistant Online Manager

I’m thankful for my fellow occupants of Walsh 321, Christmas lights, sparkling grape juice, Butters in South Park, my absolutely wonderful older brother, climbable trees, edamame, and everyone behind the scenes of this groovy newspaper.

-Heidi Dong, Executive Assistant

I’m thankful for the ability to receive an education (inside and outside the classroom), for the self-esteem boost from BC athletics (I’ll never be as disappointing as football), for denim (for helping me feel like I have a sense of style), for my friends and family for supporting me (shoutout to Walsh 508 and R.I.), and for coffee and The National (for keeping me sane).

-Julia Hopkins, Photo Editor

I’m thankful for gummy bears, pancakes, that smell inside a book, pasta, scary movies, my Chelsea boots, the silk pajama trend, and the eternal style icon that is Mick Jagger (all in no particular order). But most of all I’m thankful for my families, both the ones that I have here in Boston, and the amazing one that I always have waiting for me back home.

-Madeleine D’Angelo, Assistant Metro Editor

I’m thankful for long nights working on previews, multi-purpose whiteboards, losing streaks coming to an end, and Madison Bumgarner. I’m grateful for the people I’ve been able to share these moments with, and, most importantly, for my family, which has been so supportive from 3,000 miles away.

-Riley Overend, Associate Sports Editor

I’m thankful for ctrl-z, Spotify Premium, flannels, golden retrievers, muffins, family of all kinds, Stayer 311 and our HBO shows, and the patience of everyone on The Heights not to give up on me or this website as it loads. And Archer. Obviously Archer.

-Alec Greaney, Online Manager

I’m thankful for The Heights for keeping me young and hip while simultaneously aging me about 20 years twice a week.

-Magdalen Sullivan, Managing Editor

I’m thankful for my family and friends, for the froomies of 123 and the chore chart, and of course everything and everyone Heights-related.

-Avita Anand, Account Manager

Most importantly I am thankful for my dog. I would also like to give thanks for BC and all the people who have made it feel like home, especially The Heights for all the incredible opportunities I’ve been given the past year, my family, and my camera.

-Savanna Kiefer, Assistant Photo Editor

I’m thankful for the drop in “Hannah Hunt,” the drum solo in “In the Air Tonight,” and the people who will always celebrate both with me.

-Carolyn Freeman, Editor-in-Chief

I am thankful for Chipotle, basketball, dogs, naps, and, most importantly, my friends and family.

-Jack Powers, Advertising Manager

I am thankful for good people, good food, and good vibes. Special thanks to my family for supporting and encouraging my adventures, Heights Photo, Walsh for keeping me entertained (shout-out to the Walsh Penthouse), clear blue skies, and friends I can always count on.

-Amelie Trieu, Associate Photo Editor

Featured Image by Kelsey McGee / Heights Editor

November 16, 2016