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Finding The Arts at Boston College

The Boston College arts community harbors great talents in all the conceivable spheres of craft and creation. Though BC is often lauded for its academic credentials, its arts community is truly something to behold in all its many forms. In this thriving community, everyone can find a niche and an environment in which to thrive. From dancers to actors, from musicians to filmmakers, from comedians to exhibitionists, there are artistic avenues on which every individual and group on campus can capitalize and grow. For those who are uninitiated, those who may be unsure where to first dip their proverbial brush, finding out where to take the plunge or even what is out there may be difficult. But in this list, for all the freshmen out there, here are a few more swatches of direction for those those with an eye for art.



For those who love to move their body, BC has no shortage of dance groups of all makes, sizes, and styles. Though they come from all corners of the world, they are unified in their love of expression through dance. Try-out, stand out, and get ready to take the stage.



Dance Ensemble

Sept. 3, 10-1 PM (Brighton Dance Studio)

Dance Organization

Sept. 2, 10-2 PM (Brighton Dance Studio)



Sept. 2, 11-4 PM (O’Connell House)


Sept. 3, 1 PM  (O’Connell House)

Sept. 5, 5 PM (O’Connell House)


Break Dance:

Conspiracy Theory

African Dance:

Presenting Africa to You (PATU)

Sept. 2, 4-6 PM (Carney 206)

Sept. 10, 2-4 PM (Carney 206)

South Asian Dance:


Sept. 4, 9-11 PM (McGuinn 334)

Sept. 5, 9-11 PM (McGuinn 521)


Vida de Intensa Pasión (V.I.P.)

Fuego del Corazón

Sept. 2-3


Full Swing

Beginner Lessons Tuesdays 3-5 PM (O’Connell)


Sexual Chocolate

Females Incorporating Sisterhood Through Step (F.I.S.T.S.)

Irish Step:

Irish Dance

Sept. 3, 6-8 PM (Brighton Dance Studio)





They will make you laugh. They will make you cry. They will likely make you uncomfortable. The comedy groups and improv troupes on campus make for some rowdy weekend nights as laughter erupts from clever and crude humor alike. Become a part of the fun or simply relish in it.

My Mother’s Fleabag

Sept. 4-5, 7-10 PM (O’Connell)


Committee for Creative Enactments (CCE)


Singing & A Cappella

If Pitch Perfect is your favorite film and you relish at the thought of harmonizing with group of brilliant voices, seek out one of BC’s many, many a cappella troupes or singing troupes. The power of one voice can be stunning, but the power of many can be awe-inspiring.


The Heightsmen

Sept. 3, 12-4 PM (O’Connell) AND 12-4 PM (Keyes North Lounge)

Sept. 4, 12-4 PM (O’Connell)

The Bostonians

Sept. 3, 12-5 (Carney 206)

Sept. 4, 9-12 PM (Keyes North Lounge) AND 1-4 at Carney 206

Sept. 5, 11-4 PM (Carney 206)

The Common Tones

University Chorale

Sept. 3-6, 2-6 PM (Lyons 426)

Madrigal Singers

The Dynamics

Sept. 3, 12-3 PM, (Newton Law School (Room 115 A/B)) AND Sept. 3, 3:30-6 PM (Stokes S. 107 & 109)

Sept. 5, 3-6 PM (Stokes S. 107 & 109)

Sept. 6, 3-6 PM (McElroy 237)

The Acoustics

Sept. 3, 12-3 PM (Newton Law 100) AND 4-7 PM (Lyons 202)

Sept. 4, 2-6 PM (O’Connell House)

Sept. 5, 2-5 PM (O’Connell House)


Sept. 3, 12-3 PM (Newton Law 120) AND 3:30-6:30 PM (Devlin 117)

Sept. 3, 1-6 PM (Devlin 117)

Against the Current

Sept. 2, 12-2 PM (O’Connell) AND 4-7 PM (McGuinn 521)

Sept. 3, 5-7 PM (Gasson 305)

Voices of Imani

Black Experience in America Through Song (BEATS)

Sept. 3, 11-4 PM (Gasson 202)

Sept. 4, 2-5 PM (Lyons 202)

Sept. 5, 9-11 AM (Carney 204A)



Whether you want take part in a swelling violin solo or drum your heart out in an alternative band there are many chances to do so among proper campus groups and among the many talented rogue musicians out there. Stay in time, stay in key, and we will see you at the next BC Battle of the Bands.



BC Marching Band

Chamber Ensemble:

University Wind Ensemble


BC bOp!


BC Symphonic Band


Be sure to get in contact with the incredible Music Guild to connect with other musicians and hear about upcoming projects and opportunities for collaboration



In addition to hosting many other non-arts related events Robsham Theater and Bonn Studio are almost always preparing for the next play, vignette, or production.


The mainstage productions for this year’s fall semester are Chicago (Oct. 18-22) and The Cherry Orchard (Nov. 16-19). Auditions run from Aug. 31 to Sept. 4 for both productions.


To get involved, be sure to contact the Theatre Department and check for additional dates and performances.



If you are into lights, cameras, directing, or even acting, see the many film opportunities on campus to see yourself and your work on the big screen.


Be sure to check our Hollywood Eagles, BC’s film club for upcoming projects, opportunities, and events.


For more information on film programs contact the Art, Art History, and Film Department.



How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? Are you really going to wear those shoes? If this is you, march on down to the Fashion Club and sign yourself up and get involved in one of their runway shows and opportunities.


On the writing and journalistic side The Heights is currently looking for a talented writer to cover and delve into on and off campus fashion and spread it to the masses. If interested, please contact the Scene section.

Writing & Poetry

If you are reading this, you have found the Scene section of The Heights. Covering all things arts at BC and beyond, the Scene section strives to be personable in style and sharp in critique. If you think you would enjoy reviewing some of your favorite TV shows, attending press screenings of new films, theater productions and more at BC and in Boston, look no further.


In addition to arts, The Heights also contains news, sports, features, and metro content sections in addition to incredibly talented photo and graphic design sections. Contact any section for more details.


For other writing opportunities see BC’s oldest publication Stylus and feminist publication The Laughing Medusa for creative writing, poetry, and photography opportunities.


But some things are better left said, right? Do you ever just want to air out a couple of verses or speak your mind through the power of prose? Then join one of BC’s poetry slam group Soul, Love, and Meaning (SLAM!).


A new academic year marks a time for change and excitement. In this time of change, the real challenge falls on the individual to find the most impactful mode to share one’s ideas and talents with the world.


An earlier version of this article forgot the names of several on-campus music groups. They have all since been added. The Heights regrets this error.

August 30, 2017