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Sabrina Carpenter Channels Elle Woods in “Sue Me” Video

Known for her Disney Channel success playing Maya Hart from Girl Meets World and providing the vocals for its theme song, Sabrina Carpenter is familiar with the spotlight and recording booth. Carpenter captivates fans with her latest release “Sue Me,” a track from her third studio album Singular: Act 1.

Pink, peppy, and playful, the video opens with Carpenter displaying the stereotypes of a breakup. Sulking in bed, eating ice cream, and having her friends try to boost her mood, this scene could be dropped into any romantic comedy. The room is a rose-colored palace and slowly feels as if she is paying tribute to one of the most iconic romantic comedy characters Elle Woods. A song about taking the high road and choosing happiness post-breakup, Carpenter rises from bed to take on the world in that clothes that have her “feelin’ [her]self.”

Playing with the expression “Sue Me,” Carpenter transforms from strutting the streets in her finest clothes to reaching for success in the law library. Sound familiar? She is truly channeling the best of Legally Blonde in all aspects: fashion, confidence, and smashing the patriarchy. She showcases serious spirit, and the lyrics echo what is so important to remember post-breakup. Putting yourself first is never wrong. Finding yourself attractive is an essential aspect of self-love. And despite all of what often tears us down when we are heartbroken, it is best not to lose yourself, but find the best version of you.

Her last tribute to Legally Blonde occurs as she confronts her ex in a courtroom. This part of the music video lets the greatest of the prior scenes slip away. A choreographed number for the jury ensues, and Carpenter’s friends from earlier join in. A theme throughout Carpenter’s work is having her close friends as guest stars. While Casey Cott of Riverdale appears in “Why,” The Kissing Booth’s Joey King dances her way through the pink palace and courtroom with Carpenter. Although it’s not the best spectacle, the lyrics remain fun and entertaining.

Lyrically, Carpenter’s “Sue Me” sounds like a top-10 summer song, regardless of its fall release. Although her lyrics create a hit—creating a polite way to tell someone off—the video does not reach its full potential, especially when compared to that of her 2017 track “Why.”

Featured Image by Hollywood Records

November 18, 2018

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