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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Thumbs Up – Snow! Campus looks stunning, like a collection of iced Jesuit gingerbread houses. Acapella tryouts were Sunday, and consisted solely of singers dressed in Elsa costumes belting “Let It Go” while summoning magic ice castles out of thin air. Make sure to catch all the cute Instagram stories of your freshmen friends from California reacting to real snow.

Thumbs Up – The Game of Thrones Trailer. Full Disclosure—this author is still on season six. I haven’t even watched the trailer—I know nothing. Maybe I could drink and start knowing things about the trailer. The wait for the final season is dark and full of terrors—but remember BC, we say no to the God of despair and yes to the God of holding out until the final season is released in April.

Thumbs Down – The cold. Winter is no longer coming—it is here. Y’all know that part in Shrek where they talk about onions and cakes having layers? Well in January, so do we. This is tank-top, long sleeve shirt, sweater, scarf, hat, mittens, and then coat weather. And it’s still cold beneath all those layers. White girls even switched from their normal iced coffee to slightly lukewarm coffee. At least we didn’t tweet about wishing for global warming.

Thumbs Down – The Eagle’s Nest’s new setup. What even? Bowls are where sandwiches were, the salad section is all tossed up, and everyone is confused. Lines are twice as long. This may be due to normal start of the semester stuff as well, but we’re just bitter because the delicious (and reliably quick) pre-made wraps have disappeared #bringbackthetuscanveggie

January 21, 2019