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Osaghae and Brooks Inaugurated as President, VP of UGBC

Michael Osaghae, MCAS ’20, and Tiffany Brooks, MCAS ’21, were inaugurated president and vice president of the Undergraduate Government of Boston College on Wednesday evening.

The ceremonies began with a farewell address from the outgoing president and executive vice president, Reed Piercey, MCAS ’19, and Ignacio Fletcher, MCAS ’20.

The two reflected on how proud they were of what they, the executive council members, and the UGBC divisions had accomplished throughout the year—including the creation of Lean on Me, the submission of a detailed proposal for an LGBTQ+ student space, the resolution in December demanding a response to institutional racism at BC, and a proposal to restructure the student government itself.

Fletcher noted how the two worked throughout the year to build relationships with the administration and mediate between students and administrators, citing the community gathering after racist vandalism in December and the studentadministrator forums that have been held this semester.

“Throughout the ups and downs of our term, we were always motivated by a vision of a better future for BC, one in which all students here are welcome and celebrated for all their identities,” Piercey said. “I strongly believe that Mike and Tiff represent that future.”

Osaghae and Brooks then each took the UGBC Oath of Office, swearing to uphold the constitution of the student government, perform the duties of their offices, and represent the undergraduate student body and BC as a whole.

In their inaugural address, Osaghae and Brooks stressed some of the initiatives that they plan to support this year, such as a student-organized LGBTQ+ resource space in Carney Hall and the universal sale of reusable cutlery and containers in the dining halls.

Osaghae said that, as UGBC restructures itself and focuses more on outreach to the student body, the two hope to expand the organization’s mission in measurable and tangible ways.

“Our community is made up of so many different voices, and we want to be able to highlight each and every one,” Osaghae said. “Between the two of us, we are part of 10 different communities on campus, and we’ve seen the beauty and uniqueness each voice has to offer the community.”

Brooks said that she and Osaghae are willing and excited to dedicate their time to changing BC and building a home for all.

“Leading is not just walking in front and hoping people are following behind you—leading is walking alongside others and empowering them to be the change that they want to see,” Brooks said.

Osaghae closed by asking students to challenge him and Brooks on the issues they care about and ensure that the two of them carry out what students want to see from them.

“If we’re not creating the change you want to see on campus, if we’re not putting in that effort, please call us out—shout us out on social media … and call us out on campus, in person,” he said. “Each of us on the executive team are open to conversation, open to dialogue, and wants to make sure that the change and the policies that we’re advocating for are truly representative of the student body.”

Following the inaugural address, the incoming executive board took the UGBC Oath of Office. Maddy McCullough, MCAS ’20, will serve as the new chief of staff, and Amaka Nnaeto, MCAS ’20, will serve as the new director of Diversity and Inclusion.

Victoria Ang, MCAS ’20, will be the new director of the AHANA+ Leadership Council; Conor McCormick, MCAS ’22, will serve as the new director of the Council for Students with Disabilities; and Hugh McMahon, MCAS ’20, will serve as the new director of the GLBTQ+ Leadership Council.

Cynthia Gonzalez, MCAS ’20, will serve director of the Undergraduate Leadership Academy; Alexis Sabbaghian, MCAS ’20, will be the director of communications; Lauren Schadt, MCAS ’20, will be the director of student initiatives; and Wendy Wang, CSOM ’20, will serve as director of finance.

Each of the director positions used to be known as “vice presidents,” but their titles have been renamed ahead of the 2019-20 academic year.

The incoming members of the UGBC Senate, formerly known as the Student Assembly, were sworn into their positions to end the ceremony.

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May 7, 2019