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Carly Rae Jepsen Grows Up in “Want You in My Room” Video

Carly Rae Jepsen sings and dances her way through outfit montages as she gets ready for a date in her whimsical new music video for “Want You in My Room,” a song off her fourth album, Dedicated.

The video opens with the pop singer giddily gushing into her phone, confirming with her date to meet in one hour. After hanging up, the music slips in to accompany Jepsen as she dances on her bed and sings into her hairbrush. Jumping from her bed, she prances into a grassy field over to a vanity mirror where she applies lipstick. Jepsen, once again, taps into her eternal youth: She frolics around like a teenager jamming to music, hyping herself up for the big date.

Through a series of doors, Jepsen finds herself in new settings and complementary outfits.  Opening one door, she steps onto a beach dressed in tulle and a retro baby-blue-and-white swimsuit. Emerging from another door, she’s now wearing a black mini dress and chunky, black-and-white earrings. After all that time spent getting ready, when her date arrives to pick her up, Jepsen decides to whisk him away into her room.    

Other imaginative components are littered throughout the video. The colors flash purple, red, and green in time with the beat of a metal drum. A suspended comforter waltzes with Jepsen. Her band—a saxophonist and two guitar players—is disguised as a houseplant, a chair, and a chest of drawers. All of these elements, though at times childish, are testaments to the eclecticism and steadfast peppiness that defines Carly Rae Jepsen.       

“Want You in My Room” encapsulates the initial excitement and bubbling anticipation that comes with first dates. Though Jepsen may still be confined to her “Call Me Maybe” persona, she acutely writes about a more grown-up kind of love. Laced beneath her vibrant vocals and upbeat instrumentals, she channels determination. Jepsen knows what she wants.  

Featured Image by Interscope Records 

September 22, 2019