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Fall Elections Fill Remaining Senate Seats

Students voted to elect their peers to the Undergraduate Government of Boston College Senate on Thursday. The only contested race was for the five Class of 2023 seats, which drew 11 candidates

Lorenzo Leo, Dennis Wieboldt, Kat Kmetz, Ted Park, and Shakay Khatua will represent the freshman class in the Senate this year. Leo, Wieboldt, Kmetz, and Park are all Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences students, and Khatua is in the Carroll School of Management.

Patrick Dumitrescu, Louis Gleason, Sebastian Bodkin, Rahim Jessani, James Monohan, and Benjamin Maxwell—all MCAS—ran but did not win.

A total of 531 freshmen voted in the election, although not all of them cast all five of their votes, according to vote totals provided by the UGBC elections committee.

Ultimately, Leon had the most votes with 311, followed by Weiboldt with 298, Kmetz with 264, Park with 237, and Khatia with 186. The maximum number of votes a candidate could receive in that race was 531.

All class years were able to cast votes for the three available at-large senator seats, which were uncontested. The seats were filled by Max Fisher and Urwa Hameed, who are in the Class of 2022, and Kerry Soropoulos, who is in the Class of 2023. All three are students in MCAS, and all received a similar number of votes—about 660—of a possible 800.

There was also a special election to fill the one available seat for the Class of 2020. Patrick O’Connell, MCAS, ran unopposed to fill this seat, receiving 113 votes. 

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October 3, 2019