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Tyga, YG Fail to Match Santana’s Standards in Collab Video

Tyga, YG, and Santana come together for the explosive “MAMACITA” music video. The video is overly busy, senseless, and features everything from intense lust to dramatic fights to a bar going up in flames. If 40 years ago you asked Santana what he thought he would be doing in 2019, it most certainly would not be this. 

The video starts and ends with the group entering and leaving on motorcycles through bright red arches. Everything in between is an absolute blur—starting out with Tyga singing in a phone booth and jumping to people throwing broken beer bottles at each other’s heads. 

Santana’s appearance is the one redeeming moment of the entire video. About halfway through, he plays an intricate solo in an old, vacant room while Tyga and YG dance along. Unfortunately, the latter two make the entire scene uncomfortable as they play air guitar and mimic Santana while he performs. It makes the clip even more perplexing than it already is. There is no need to ruin the only exciting part of the music video.

The song is catchy yet repetitive and mixes with the video to create a chaotic, violent three minutes. It might be worth one listen, but definitely not a watch. 

Featured Image by Last Kings Records

October 27, 2019