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Zervas Elementary to Host Newton City Council Debates Tonight

In anticipation of Nov. 5 elections, debates for Newton Ward 5 and 6 city councilor, councilor-at-large, and school committee candidates will be held on Sunday Oct. 27 at Zervas Elementary School, according to Of Newton’s eight wards, Ward 5 and Ward 6 seats remain the most hotly contested. 

In the first debate, Ward 5 candidates Bill Humphrey, Kathy Winters, and Rena Getz will face off. Although Getz lost the primary and will not appear on the ballot, she has launched a write-in campaign for the seat. 

The second debate will feature Deb Crossley, Andreae Downs, and Paul Coletti—the candidates for Ward 5 councilor-at-large. 

Next, Ward 5 school committee candidates Lev Agranovich and Emily Prenner will take the stage, followed by Ward 6 councilor candidates Brenda Noel and Lisa Gordon, councilor-at-large candidates Vicki Danberg, Greg Schwartz, and Alicia Bowman, and school committee candidates Ruth Goldman and Galina Rosenblit. 

With two dozen candidates competing in nine contested races for at-large and local ward seats, the Nov. 5 election will see the largest pool of candidates to run for City Council in a generation, according to The Boston Globe

City councilor race debates will be moderated by former TAB editor Andy Levin, and school committee races will be moderated by Ken Parker. The debates will be live-streamed on NewTV. 

The event, which will feature a total of six debates, begins at 2:00 p.m. and is set to run through 5:15 p.m.

Featured Image by Keara Hanlon / For The Heights

October 27, 2019