Letter from the Editor

Support ‘The Heights’ on #GivingTuesdayNow

Dear readers,

Right now, reliable and accurate information is more important than ever. We need to know what’s happening in our hospitals, around our communities, and for many of us, at Boston College. The Heights is dedicated to continuing to tell the stories of BC community members, whether it’s seniors who had to spend their last weeks of college away from campus, local businesses who are struggling to make ends meet, students who are facing challenges while working at home, or students who don’t have stable homes to go back to. But we cannot do this work alone. 

On #GivingTuesdayNow, we ask you to consider donating to The Heights at support.bcheights.com

The Heights is completely independent from BC, meaning that we do not receive any sort of financial support from the University. All of our stories are available without a paywall because we are dedicated to getting important information to everyone in the BC community, regardless of their ability to pay. 

Despite being free for readers, Heights stories are not free to produce and distribute. Our website, our newsletter, and our office space are just a few places where we must dedicate financial resources. Right now, we are unable to run print advertisements, as The Heights is not printing during the pandemic, and online ad sales have declined as well. 

Heights editors and reporters are unpaid, and they continue to work for free through the coronavirus pandemic. All donations support The Heights’ immediate needs and help ensure the paper can continue to operate in the future.

Whenever Boston College students return to the Heights, we will too. We want to do so in full force, with the ability to buy the equipment our creative team needs, the resources to pay for reporters’ travel fees, and the promise that you can rely on us for all of your Boston College news.  

If you donate, you’ll be presented with three options:

  • Custom Donation
  • Sponsor a Print Issue
  • Sponsor Equipment

A custom donation will allow you to donate any amount that you’d like. All sponsored issues will be printed when BC students are able to return to campus, and equipment will be purchased for our multimedia editors to use as soon as they are able to head back to the Heights. 

Your tax-deductible donation to The Heights Fund will let us continue reporting freely, fairly, and independently for another century to come. Thank you.


Colleen Martin, President and Editor-in-Chief

Sophie Lu, General Manager

Abby Hunt, Managing Editor

To read our coronavirus coverage, go to www.bcheights.com/category/coronavirus

May 5, 2020