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Gyptian’s “Something Special” Mystic Music Video

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Sure, plenty of people think that there is “something special” about their partner, but very few get to witness any supernatural abilities from them. Reggae fusion artist Gyptian, on the other hand, is lucky enough to. In the new music video for his song “Something Special,” Gyptian is enchanted by the extraterrestrial magic of his muse. The video walks viewers through Gyptian’s mind as he sings about his otherworldly love.

“Something Special” is one of the 10 tracks released on the collaboration album Nolosha Riddim. In his version of the instrumentals, Gyptian sings, “When I see you girl, like I catch a fever.” Immediately, he transfers his serene state of mind onto listeners. In combination with the visuals, which are also slow-moving and free-flowing, the video makes the supernatural enticing. 

As the song narrates Gyptian’s muse’s descent from outer space onto Earth, the video features astronomical shots of a comet-like object and its collision with a body of water. Even with potentially dangerous objects striking past the ozone layer, the mood feels ethereal and safe. It also helps that Gyptian’s muse, draped in gold arm jewelry and gold metallic regalia, looks as breathtaking as the landscapes. Her dancing echoes the weather around the landscapes. As she settles gracefully onto Gyptian’s Earth, she strikes lightning from her fingertips toward the sky. By the end of the video, the “Hold Yuh” singer is eventually able to bring more calm to her storm.

Though Gyptian incorporates a lot of special effects to capture the muse’s magic, they all flow into each other well. The ripples in the atmosphere around the muse work with the ripples in the water from her storm. Gyptian exaggerates the video’s mysticism through color as well, incorporating a more electric teal sky against rustic orange terrain. Infectious and simple, “Something Special” and its visual companion balance mystery and bliss well.

Photo Courtesy of VP Records

October 18, 2020

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