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Celebrations Held in Boston Streets Following Biden’s Victory

Following former Vice President Joe Biden’s projected victory Saturday morning, many Boston residents took to the streets to celebrate the win. Residents gathered in the street at the intersection of Arlington Street and Boylston Street where they chanted and sang in support of Biden’s victory. 

Gatherers proudly held signs and waved flags that read “Biden 2020.” They also waved U.S. flags and pride flags. They danced in the street to “Party in the USA,” “We are the Champions,” and “Mr. Brightside,” and chanted “Trump you’re fired.”

“We have been oppressed for so long,” said Boston resident Christina Silver. “We have been surrounded by things that we are not sure are true, and I think this time we have a chance to be heard. I feel empowered after four years of losing my voice.”

Drivers also honked their horns, met with loud cheers from the crowd. 

Several streets, including Arlington and Boylston, were closed for the day as Boston Police stood at the perimeter of the group and directed traffic around the street closures. 

Zoe Halperin, a student at Emerson College, attended the rally to celebrate Biden and Harris’ win over Trump. 

“I came out here for the insane rush of serotonin,” said Halperin. “I feel amazing.” 

Boston University graduate student Rachel Probst was passing by Boston Common when she saw the commotion. 

“I’ve kind of been avoiding the topic of the election for the whole week, so we’re just checking it out, and we don’t really know what’s happening,” Probst said. “ … It probably would have been very different if Trump would have won.”

Among the many Boston residents celebrating the Biden win were several out-of-state visitors. 

“I came tonight because I think this is the first time in quite a while that the whole country’s erupted in just joy, and it’s just, you know, the storm is passing finally,” said Kristen, a visitor from Atlanta, Ga., who asked to be referred to by only her first name. “We have a lot of work to do, but we get to breathe today, we get to party today, and I wanted to be there.”

Ella James Grossman, a high school student from Brookline, also celebrated the Biden win. She held a sign that read “Women for Biden Harris.”  

“I’m really hopeful for what is going to come and I think it is a good start to get to where we need to go,” she said.

There were various gatherings throughout the day in Boston. Other Biden supporters rallied and marched on the green in Copley Square and Harvard Square. 

Residents protesting the Biden-Harris win also demonstrated in front of the Massachusetts State House. 

Mayor Marty Walsh, BC ’09, said during a press conference on Sunday that most people at the celebrations were wearing masks. He reminded residents that the virus is still a threat and has increased in the area in the past six weeks, encouraging residents who choose to celebrate to wear masks. 

“We are asking people, if you are coming in today or if you are going to be celebrating, even if you are celebrating at your house, we are asking, be careful,” Walsh said.

Featured Image by Erin Pender / For The Heights

November 9, 2020