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Annie Murphy
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Annie Murphy

“When I started to come down Comm Ave. after Linden Lane, it was just the coolest experience seeing all my friends and hearing him scream, and it totally got me through the last bit of the marathon,” Murphy said. “So that was totally the hardest part but seeing them just rejuvenated me.”

Brigid Knowles
Profiles, 2022 Marathon Profiles

Brigid Knowles

“The BC community is so supportive to each other in everything and this was definitely no exception towards that,” Knowles said. “And it was just such a fun, crazy environment and definitely the last push I needed to get to the finish line.”

Schroffner Compiles New Book from Song Compositions
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Schroffner Compiles New Book from Song Compositions

“I used to write things in a book and on a little piece of paper, but I would call them Chiemi fragments,” Schroffner said. “And I would kind of pull them out every so often like, ‘Oh yeah, I forgot about this phrase, that could be a bridge somewhere. I have to figure out where it fits. Where does that concept fit?’”

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