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BC Remains Undefeated With Win Over Brown

Boston College lacrosse has lived up to its No. 1 ranking all year, rolling over each opponent that has come its way. 

This trend continued in the Eagles’ matchup against Brown (1–2), where BC (5–0, 1–0 Atlantic Coast) took home a 15–9 victory. 

Brown briefly held a one-goal lead in the first quarter before the Eagles found their footing and ended the period up 4–2. 

Against an offense that has defeated each of its opponents by at least seven goals, Brown looked to limit the Eagles’ scoring opportunities. BC’s lineup was deep with attackers including Charlotte North (5 goals), Jenn Medjid (3 goals), and Caitlynn Mossman (2 goals). 

Despite its attempts to limit BC’s attack and keep the ball out of the Eagles’ hands, Brown found little success. After establishing a lead at the end of the first period, the Eagles ripped apart the Bears’ defense. Brown scored two goals in the first, but BC logged seven more goals before the Bears could even get a single shot in. 

North dominated the second period, scoring three of the Eagles’ four goals, and BC entered halftime with an 8–3 lead. 

As the second half picked up, the Bears’ game of keepaway held strong, as they won draw controls and shot effectively to bring the score to 8–5.

But the Eagles came back strong, reminding Brown why they are ranked No. 1 in the NCAA. Each time the momentum seemed to shift in Brown’s direction, the Eagles would come back and strike with their offense lineup. The third period ended with the Eagles leading 12–6.

The Eagles continued to keep up the pressure into the fourth quarter, scoring the first three goals to take a nine-goal lead. 

Four BC players scored multiple goals, including North, Medjid, and Mossman, as well as Cassidy Weeks who scored a hat trick. Belle Smith rounded out the scoring with one goal. 

Despite the Bears’ best efforts, BC’s offense couldn’t be stopped, and as the final whistle blew, the Eagles remained undefeated on the season. 

Brown proved to be more successful at keeping the ball out of the Eagles’ hands than the rest of BC’s opponents so far this season and held the Eagles scoreless for the final 13:10 of the game—the longest stretch without a BC goal all season. The Bears held BC to 15 goals and 32 shots, its lowest totals in both categories all season. 

Featured Image by Chris Ticas / Heights Staff

February 26, 2022